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Guys! In 22 hours I'll be on the Florida Turnpike and headed to Dragon*Con. I'm so excited! If you don't have my number but want my number so we can hook up while we're there, let me know and I'll get it to you. In honor of Con my favorite barista drew me a special cup. I'm hoping I'll see him there as well!

[Other Thing The First] I am so colossally stupid sometimes, guys. I made a moony post to Tumblr last night, as I sometimes do when I can't let go of a thought that's gnawing at the back of my head. I made it about a specific person whom I haven't seen in ages and who I miss still, kind of regularly. I hit post and then I realized that I actually, really loved her. Well, love her. Was probably a bit IN LOVE with her, and didn't know how to say any of that. So I acted like a twat, which is what I do best. Ugh. Seriously. I'm an idiot.

[Other Thing the Second] Cure for Caska! They're a local band I'm sure I've told you about before. Well now they've made a video and you should watch it. [ profile] karenthology did the filming and editing and person wrangling. [ profile] barbed_whispers and I did B-Roll and minor person wrangling. The singer acted like a sexy tiger and that made it in. So you know, SOMETHING about that should interest you.

Watch it. Go tweet at them and tell them you like it. Or better yet, go give them money in exchange for sweet tunes. It's win/win, as Mr. Bowers would say.

Right. I need to call someone in another department now and try and figure out what they've done that's causing me this massive work-related nightmare. Here's hoping I can get it cleared up today and I don't need to drag the co-worker into it to babysit while I'm away.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'll be at Con. I won't care!
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So there's this blog I should follow and constantly forget about. People link me to posts on it all the time and every time I see one I think 'oh, that's clever and amusing, I should follow him'...and then I don't. Because I'm me. BUT, via a post this morning on [ profile] getyourwordsout I now know that he does flash fiction prompts every Friday, which is AWESOME. This week's was based on the old 'put your ipod on shuffle and name the story after the song that comes up' bit, so I felt compelled to play along. This is what I came up with. I'm not going to post it back to his blog, but it's part of that one story about the girl who can burst into birds, so I'll put it here with no shame at all.

If you wanted to hear my voice you’d simply play back any of the hundred voice mails I’m certain you save on your phone when I leave them. I think you wanted to hear your voice. )

And for those of you NOT familiar with Murder By Death, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? this is the song I named the piece after. (No, really, sometimes I want to kiss [ profile] sweetnovicane on the mouth for introducing me to their music.)

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In which I do the spiel from the Maelstrom ride at EPCOT, because I think it would make Danielle smile. ♥

And if you don't know what I'm on about, you should probably just watch this:

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So, this past Friday something AWESOME happened. And by awesome I mean ecstatically awesome. Like, I even told Justin that they were awesome, and that is awkward but it HAD TO HAPPEN, OKAY? OKAY. AWESOME. This past Friday my dear [ profile] theemdash hosted a wizard rock show IN HER HOUSE. I'll just let the awesomeness of that statement sink in.

Good? Good! On to the pics and vid! )

The day after the wrock show we still had [ profile] scifigirl on loan so we decided to kidnap her and take her to EPCOT for the Food and Wine fest. Hilarity ensued. [ profile] scifigirl, [ profile] barbed_whispers, and I were douchebags, Em was old, Jess was in search of cheese goods. I did not get pictures of any of the cheese goods, sadly. )

And that's how I spent my Columbus Day Weekend, by KL, age 27. How are you guys? Do anything exciting this past weekend? Even get the day off? I spent most of my day off unpacking the kitchen. For someone who actually enjoys unpacking, I'm being a massive fail face about it this time. I don't even know.
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Boy: it really is amazing how different of a world it is here than in Orlando
Boy: I've yet to run into non english speaking folks here, but the number of jacked up pick ups is a lot higher
Boy: also, no christians singing, but there are crickets
KL: I think it's just that in 'Dina, the Christians have the decency to sing only on their day of the week.

On the one hand, I don't like being reminded about how differently he's living than me right now. On the other, I really wish the Holy Land Experience would catch fire. (Yeah, I live across from that monstrosity that pretends to be a church. I'm actually very curious about it, but I refuse to give them money because they're run by one of those fringe Christian Zionist groups that wants to turn Jews into Christians. Just let people be, irgh.)

AND SPEAKING OF CHRISTIANS. This afternoon I went and hung out with [ profile] theemdash and [ profile] scifigirl and we watched a movie called Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. It was just as amazing as it sounds, and Sara spent much of it going 'WAIT, WHAT?' Basically, the vampires have been stealing lesbians (because no one will miss them due to their deviant behavior) and using them in skin graft operations to make it possible for the vampires to walk about in the sun. Jesus must stop them, aided by Mary Magnum and the Mexican wrestler The Saint.

so, that movie won an honorable mention at a film festival and I am never going to make fun of Jensen or Jared for lacking the acting skills EVER AGAIN.
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Go back to day three!

Sunday started late, much later than I was intending to start it, anyway. I had good intentions of getting up at 7:30 and being in line for the Gareth David-Lloyd panel, and I did get up! But by the time I had done my hair and taken all the pics from the night before off my camera, I was falling asleep sitting up. So instead of going to the panel I went back to bed until ten. Though, because of that I went down to the Abney Park booth to buy a CD about 10:15, which was just the right time, because I got to meet Nathan and have a lovely conversation with him. He's very welcoming and friendly. Have I mentioned how I love that band?

Pictures and video of the Hellblinki Sextet and random con goings on. )

After that my remaining time was mostly spent sleeping and packing and dealer rooming and driving the six and a half hours or so home. None of that is exciting. But thank you guys for rolling around in this joy with me. Only 359 or so days until I get to go back. Can it be next September now?
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Back to day 2!

Saturday didn't start as early as Friday, but it was still about 7:30 when I dragged myself out of bed. The first half of the day was kind of a blur. [ profile] barbed_whispers and I sat in on the Weird West panel (which you can read a little more about here), and then [ profile] theemdash and I showed up to the DarkHorse presents panel early and busted in on some sort of Joss Whedon acting game. I'm telling you, this whole busting in on panels we know nothing about strategy really worked out in our favor for the most part. The DarkHorse presents panel featured both Scott Allie and Georges Jeanty and was entertaining and informative, so I can't slight them for anything. I do wish it had been a little more about DarkHorse titles that aren't tied to some sort of Whedonverse, though. *cough*UA*cough* I realize it was a part of the Whedonverse track, but it was the only DarkHorse panel that I could find this year.

Pics and video of costumes, Abney Park, Voltaire, and Hellblinki Sextet. )

And that brings Saturday to an end. I stumbled up to my room much like I had the night before. Head over to my last post, which includes more Abney Park and Hellblinki Sextet, and a whole lot of ridiculous. ♥
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Back to day one!

WHY IS HE CLIMBING A MOUNTAIN!? Man. Friday started very early. Not as early as I was anticipating it starting, since [ profile] scifigirl decided that she didn't want to get up at 4:30 to be in the Shatner/Nimoy line at 5am, but early enough after very little sleep. As an added plus, though, I got to talk to unexpected![ profile] hermione_like for a short while as we were both waiting for our groups.

Click on the cut to hear about Shatner and Nimoy, GDL and Marsters, Tom Felton, Abney Park, and more... )

From here, head on to day three, which is a day heavy in steampunk and rocking out to awesome, awesome music, including more Voltaire and Abney Park, with a little bit of the Hellblinki Sextet sprinkled on the side!
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I've decided to do these in a weekend review type of way, so I'm going to be breaking them up into bite size chunks. The first day was relatively uneventful. After what I think is an ungodly early start (I got up 6, was at [ profile] barbed_whispers place by 6:45) we got to [ profile] honkie_mcgee's, got some breakfast, and got on the road. I pretty much sucked it up at the game of Cows! for the entire trip up. Ah well.

Click for continued rambling and pictures and video including Voltaire )

And that's it for day one. It felt long by the time I dropped into bed, but the weekend was just getting started. I think that evening I got about thirty minutes of sleep collectively. It's always good to start a trip in a deficit, yes? More exciting.

And now on to day two! Including the likes of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Gareth David-Lloyd, James Marsters, Tom Felton, and Abney Park.
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I'm going to leave this post unlocked. I know, that's how excited I am. A couple of months ago, I spent the early morning hours of a school night flailing in comments with [ profile] delustre over this stupid idea I had. I've since flailed at other people, and none of them did the responsible thing and told me not to do it. Therefore, I bring you the Scattering Stars project:

The video explains it pretty succinctly. If you'd like to read more about the project, you can check the website here.

I ask that you please pass this on. Share the link to this post, the blogspot, or the video, but I want to cast as large a net as possible. Let's get out there and decrease world suck!
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Ugh. You guys. [ profile] theemdash is trying to use up all my creativity before I turn 30. She may have talked me into doing a web comic of some sort. (And by talked me into I mean I made up a character and she went 'I think we should...' You all know I'm easy.) So yes. Our characters are the awesomest characters. They also have the daffishest hats.

THURSDAY! VLOG DAY. In which I do a dance, eat diabetes, and talk about guilty pleasures. What are your guilty pleasures flist? And if you don't have any, why or why not?

Comment, subscribe, boom de yada.


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