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Boy: it really is amazing how different of a world it is here than in Orlando
Boy: I've yet to run into non english speaking folks here, but the number of jacked up pick ups is a lot higher
Boy: also, no christians singing, but there are crickets
KL: I think it's just that in 'Dina, the Christians have the decency to sing only on their day of the week.

On the one hand, I don't like being reminded about how differently he's living than me right now. On the other, I really wish the Holy Land Experience would catch fire. (Yeah, I live across from that monstrosity that pretends to be a church. I'm actually very curious about it, but I refuse to give them money because they're run by one of those fringe Christian Zionist groups that wants to turn Jews into Christians. Just let people be, irgh.)

AND SPEAKING OF CHRISTIANS. This afternoon I went and hung out with [ profile] theemdash and [ profile] scifigirl and we watched a movie called Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. It was just as amazing as it sounds, and Sara spent much of it going 'WAIT, WHAT?' Basically, the vampires have been stealing lesbians (because no one will miss them due to their deviant behavior) and using them in skin graft operations to make it possible for the vampires to walk about in the sun. Jesus must stop them, aided by Mary Magnum and the Mexican wrestler The Saint.

so, that movie won an honorable mention at a film festival and I am never going to make fun of Jensen or Jared for lacking the acting skills EVER AGAIN.


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