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Oh, OMG Karen! This cartoon wins. Hard. *<3's pretty princess Kaien*

Also? Crazy spoilers for 268. But...Rukia also wins.

And it's Macro Thursday! And this arrancar macro makes me happy.

Dude, I need to STOP hanging out at [ profile] capslock_bleach!

But, I did receive some SUPERAWESEOMFANTASTIC mail from [ profile] redpiratemel and [ profile] lord_vandemort!! *glomps you guys*

And I may have done a teeny Angel Sanctuary drabble for [ profile] extension, despite being disgustingly blocked on everything else. I did poke Roy some though. I almost got my right hand burnt off.

Bad habits. )

You think if I close my eyes and keep telling myself that I only like white boys it will work? Aww...I didn't think so either. Because what I needed was a fandom with real life groping and gayness. *glares at [ profile] extension* XD

I'm gonna go hack up a lung elsewhere, before the gay wears off on me. Oh wait, too late!
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Shh...I'm posting drabbleage for [ profile] roseeva, don't tell my boss. Hehe. No real spoilers involved.

Uriel/Katou Angel Sanctuary drabble from yesterday’s prompt )

Boss found me busy work today. Will work on Neville for [ profile] verdenia if I can. Or later this evening perhaps. :)
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I bought Angel Sanctuary 15 last night to read on the plane. It is the best one yet, at least in my opinion. And right now I would about kill to find out what happens. But since I don't read Japanese I'll just have to wait. *sigh* But one of comments made by Michael tugged at my gut so this came out. And I have nowhere to post it, so I'll post it here. Sucks to be you guys. :p

Title: Heaven Help Me
Author: Moi
Rating: PG
Word Count: 178
Characters: Michael is jealous of Setsuna and his brother.

What went on between that boy and my brother? )

ETA - Brighthouse can die in a fire! *shakes fist*


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