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I'm not going to post the Harry Potter pictures tonight, either. But I did promise [livejournal.com profile] barbed_whispers I'd do an LJ poll for science. (Since that's the only way to do science. We're really worried about the state of scientific discovery in the world what with LJ going so quiet.)

[Poll #1985618]
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HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. FIFTEEN DAYS UNTIL CON. I STILL HAVE SEWING TO FORCE LISA TO HELP ME WITH. HOW DOES TIME WORK THIS WAY EVERY YEAR? Anyway, it's time to start setting things up and getting amped about seeing your excellent faces, so it's Thursday night dinner planning time! Like last year, we are planning to have our Thursday Night Dinner @ Max Lager's. We chose this restaurant because of its proximity to the hotels and its variety of food. I'm going to shoot for reserving spaces between 5:00PM and 6:00PM, but I will hammer that out officially when I get a headcount and speak with someone there. The thing I do want to pull over from last year is the firm count rule.

*** We need an ACCURATE count of how many people you're going to have with you. If you bump into people on the way, please do not bring them in tow. (Well, unless they're going to fill a space someone dropping out left, I suppose, but at that point you can only fill one for one. Not two or three or fifteen to one. Seriously you guys, think of the waiters.) ***

Also, for this year, we need to keep in mind that their policy has changed and we may be split up a bit. This is fine! We just need to come prepared for it and willing to break off into groups of 6 or so. Make five new friends! Not that you'd probably have to. I think we all know each other by now. SO:

[Poll #1929064]

If there are people you want to invite who can come, please send them over here to fill out the poll. If you cannot send them over here, please comment below with who they are. WE NEED YOU TO FILL OUT THIS SURVEY BY AUGUST 21ST. I will call to make the reservation on the 22nd.

Remember! This dinner is open to anyone who can see this who is going to the con, so feel free to link it from your journal/twitter for your friends if you think they'd be interested. It's a hectic weekend and we just like having a calm(ish, we know you guys) moment to see our friends before things really get underway. So come! Bring your friends! Just let me know about it first. :p
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Everyone knows the most accurate way to do science is LJ polls, and since [livejournal.com profile] barbed_whispers is clearly just MAKING THINGS UP I thought I'd come here to verify.

[Poll #1917179]

In other terrifying news, someone mashed up Cotton Eyed Joe and Gangnam Style, because why not I guess?

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[Heavy lifting.] Had my first call with the Health Coach last night. I didn't cry and she didn't try to shame me! We talked about my goals and my current state of disrepair and all of the things I know I need to do but just...don't. That is seriously the story of my life at this point. I draw up diagrams and lists of things I could do to make myself happy and productive and healthy, and then I set them on fire and go off to eat chocolate cake in bed. Because eating chocolate cake in bed makes me just happy enough at the moment to make it not matter that I'm going to be blindsided by miserableness later.

SO. Project Shell Game is in effect. So-called Project Shell Game because the three major things I need to start doing are so interconnected that I'm finding it impossible to work on one because of the others. I need to A) get to sleep at a decent hour so that I can B) wake up by 6:30AM and C) walk three miles before work at least three days a week. Maybe if I can follow all of these then I will be able to pick out the one thing that makes me happiest in the long run. Maybe there's a pearl under all three. Who knows. That's the one thing I told her I'd work on. I want to be able to give her good news when she calls back in April. I also want to not die during that run I signed up for, so there's that.

[Art and shit.] I mentioned a while back that I wanted to run a game of Artist's Telephone, because it would be fun. Now that we're drawing close to summer I'm thinking that I really would like to set it up. It might be best to host over Tumblr, but I can figure out the particulars when I see if there's actual interest. For those who don't know, Artist's Telephone is a game where one person creates a piece of art and then the next person in line uses that piece of art to inspire them to create a new piece of art, and on and on. If you think this sounds fun to you, would you please respond to this poll?

[Poll #1904553]

Also, I'm leaving this post unlocked, so feel free to share this with other people you think might enjoy it.

[Words and shit.] I need a pair of eyes to help me whip a poem into shape. Anyone? Bueller?
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Hokay! I know people have been pestering [livejournal.com profile] theemdash with emails about this, so we'll go ahead and get it out of the way. This year we are having our Thursday Night Dinner at Max Lager's at 6PM. For those of you who might be new to the experience, there's a helpful map of where Max Lager's is in relation to the hotels here. For those of you who aren't new, it's the same place we were last year.

Now, there are going to be a few changes to what we request of you, because of the stress that people flitting in and out has caused the restaurant staff and us as your planners in the past.

1.) We need EVERYONE who's coming to BE THERE at 6PM or very close to. It's not fair to the restaurant staff to cascade seat tables and play musical chairs.

2.) We need an ACCURATE count of how many people you're going to have with you. If you bump into people on the way, please do not bring them in tow. (Well, unless they're to fill a space someone dropping out left, I suppose, but at that point you can only fill one for one. Not two or three or fifteen to one. Seriously you guys, think of the waiters.)

So without further ado.

[Poll #1860188]

If there are people you want to invite who can come, please send them over here to fill out the poll as well. If you cannot send them over here, please comment below with who they are. WE NEED YOU TO FILL OUT THIS SURVEY BY AUGUST 21ST. I will call to make the reservation on the 22nd.

Remember! This dinner is open to anyone who can see this who is going to the con. It's a hectic weekend and we just like having a calm(ish, we know you guys) moment to see our friends before things really get underway. So come! Bring your friends! Just let me know about it first. :p

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I just saw the most horrifying Teen Wolf gif. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, TUMBLR? WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS TO ME? Anyway, this is not about how Tumblr is apparently trying to smoke me out via Teen Wolf gifs or something, this is about BATMAN. I know, you're all surprised.

On Sunday we recorded our last Batcon episode of the podcast. Those should start going up at the end of this week. And I think I mentioned before that I wanted to write a post for the Big Girl Blog on Five Batman Movies I Want To See, so I'm here to do a little science by way of LJ Poll. What? LJ Polls are totally scientific.


This is unlocked, so share it if you like. FOR SCIENCE! In conclusion, I would like Kate Kane to be my girlfriend. The end.
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[Poll #1828733]

Saw Hunger Games! Loved it! Teared up about eight hundred times! Spotted [livejournal.com profile] ninepointfivemm in the Caesar crowd! (You should have stolen that wig.) Now I can go read all of your reactions without being spoiled to high hell. Not that I'm generally concerned about spoilers, since I knew how it ended going in, but you know. I guess I'll read the book eventually, but I have to get through about three others first.
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So, last night [livejournal.com profile] kel_reiley was musing over twitter about how she'd been reading a fic and a guy in his 20s had used the term 'mother hen', which she personally felt like some one of that demographic wouldn't do. That led to a discussion in which it was realized that lots of people about our age say 'mother hen', but then the question moved to whether it was generational and maybe picked up from OUR parents, or colloquial, or something of that sort. Since my favorite way to do science is with LJ polls, I'm here to pick your brains about several words and how you use them. Please indulge me. Also, I'm leaving this unlocked so she can send people this way. Feel free to do so with your own friends.

[Poll #1797600]

Extra credit essay questions:

1. How much of yourself do you think you project into a character's speech when you're writing?

2. If you are active in a fandom, do you think you pick up more words and phrases from that fandom or fandom as a whole than you do from your public life?

3. Do you converse often with someone from another country who constantly messes with your accent and ways of saying things, as well as word usage?
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Over on twitter [livejournal.com profile] getyourguns was musing about how X-Men: First Class had been labeled as Fantasy at the Scream Awards, because she considered it to be more Science-Fiction instead. [livejournal.com profile] matthewbowers responded to her and said that Science-Fiction and Fantasy are rarely crossed together. He contends that each has a set of tropes and themes that you never (or hardly ever) find in another. Insinuating, I think, that if something is mostly fantasy in essence you would be remiss to call it science-fiction regardless of the extra trappings or themes that read that way. And then there was kind of a dog pile of people telling him how wrong he is, which I feel bad about, because I think we're all dealing in semantics.

Art, by its very nature, will be interpreted differently by everyone. What I see as fantasy or sci-fantasy another might call science-fiction and another yet still may just call speculative fiction. I think that there's always going to be a certain amount of subjectivity in any attempt to place a genre on something. What I do not think is possible to ignore though, is the fact that for better or worse science-fantasy has become an actual genre term that people use. In some ways it doesn't matter whether or not I AGREE that something is science-fantasy, just that someone else thinks it is and has named it so. After all, I cannot tell you how many times something vaguely Victorian has been labeled steampunk and I've wanted to throw up my hands and go home.

What I AM interested in, however, is where people draw those lines. For instance, [livejournal.com profile] getyourguns thinks space is one of the science-fiction shorthands, while I think that a focus on or use of technology would be a more concrete one. I know that pointing at an apple and saying it's a banana doesn't make it so, but if it came off an apple tree and was long and curved and yellow I'd be inclined to admit that it did share certain characteristics with a banana that made it a new breed. Because no matter how many times we go around about it, if I find a different collection of themes and tropes to be more one than the other, another person and I can argue till our faces turn blue that they actually aren't and no one will budge. So I thought I'd get a hive mind going about it and see where the discussion takes us. There is no right or wrong answer here, and I mean that. (Though, feel free to argue amongst yourselves.) You can tackle all of them, or cherry pick the thing(s) you find most interesting.

* How do you define straight up Science-Fiction (hard or soft)?'
* How do you define straight up Fantasy (urban or dark or high or anything)?
*What themes or tropes do you find common in Science-Fiction that you think never appear in Fantasy?
*What themes or tropes do you find common in Fantasy that you think never appear in Science-Fiction?
*What do you believe a successful blending of the two would be?
*Do you think it's possible to blend them at all?
*Are there any works of art (movies/books/tv shows/cartoons/oil paintings/sculptures/hair collections...) that you feel DO successfully blend the two? [Aka, show your work for extra points.]

If you think there are any other questions that would add another layer to the discussion let me know and I'll add them to my list. I'm leaving this post unlocked, because I think it would be interesting to get a larger sample. Send your friends over! Anonymous commenting is on until someone starts being a jerk.
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I am so damn intrigued right now. [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda has a poll going here where she's trying to correlate instances of INFP-ness to instances of someone being an empath. She has links to a Myers-Briggs test and explanations of what an empath is and it's all very interesting. If you're so inclined, I urge you to be a sample case for her poll. But really, that's not what's got me thinking.

As someone who has a Psychology minor, and who has never known what she wanted to be when she grew up, I've taken a LOT of Myers-Briggs tests in my time. From the time I was a senior in high school to the time I graduated college I was pretty exclusively an INFJ (Introversion Intuition Feeling Judgment). When I took the Myers-Briggs test she linked to just now I came up as an ISFP (Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving). I am not going to argue with either of those results, really. They both sum me up quite well. My issue with them is that they would seem to be coming up backwards. Or rather, it seems like I should have been ISFP then and an INFJ now.

I don't think I posted about it, and I don't really bring it up unless I'm ruefully, self-deprecatingly trying to be funny about my weaknesses, but last year some time all of my friends (the boyfriend included) pretty much told me in the span of a week that they don't think I'm particularly empathetic. And I'll tell you right now, that fucking hurt. I have always, to my way of thinking, tried to understand what other people are going through. I may not change my behavior to CORRELATE with those mental processes concerning the feelings and situations of others, but I go through the exercise. So while I might rant about people needing to get over this or go along with that, it's not that I haven't tried to find their side of the story. It's mostly that I think their side of the story is hurting someone else who I don't like to see hurt and because of that I want them to be better. I am not immune to this either. I often wish I could be better for people and sometimes don't really know how, which is probably part of the disconnect in the way my friends see me and the way I see myself.

So yeah, I lack empathy apparently. But then, you maybe all knew that. It comes to mind that a lot of the characters I really, really like lack empathy. Vicious being the most notable in that regard, but it's a common thread. I find the heartless intriguing. I always assumed that it was because I was allowing myself to explore a different facet of (non)emotional being, but perhaps it's always been that I relate to these characters because I too lack this trait and I want to be able to explore those parts of myself without people calling me on being a lousy person. (Which isn't to say that lacking in empathy makes you a bad person. It's just that I feel we're just taught that being sensitive to others is a paramount skill for navigating the world around us, and if we don't have that skill we're somehow letting other people down.)

In taking that Myers-Briggs test THIS TIME I kept thinking about the questions and wondering how my friends would answer them for me. I didn't answer the way I think they would, I answered honestly for myself, but the thought was in the back of my mind. And then when I came up with the new answer I had to wonder how much that whole revelation has changed who I am fundamentally. Do I now behave differently because my friends saw that I was lacking something I thought I wasn't? Am I now trying to make up for my actions in the past and does that make either set of answers disingenuous? For the record, I think that we are works in progress, myself especially, so I am not surprised by the idea that our Myers-Briggs scores could change over time. I'm mostly pondering how other people's reactions shape who we become. (And there's a long rant about Others and existentialism that I'll keep to myself, since I'm sure you've heard it before.)

But anyway, my head is rolling all of that around right now and I don't have a conclusion for my thoughts, I just wanted to get them out. And I also wanted to sort of gauge how other people see me and see how those scores work for or against my own scores. Is it just that I cannot properly communicate who I am, or is it that who I am is not who I think I am. And if I am not who I think I am, then who am I and how do I untangle the two gestalts? So anyway, if you will indulge me by telling me what Type YOU think I am:

[Poll #1728823]

I know that some of you know me very well and some of you don't know me that well at all. That's par for life. Even if you feel you don't know me well enough to answer I'm still interested in seeing what you think. There's no right or wrong answer here, I'm just genuinely curious about the way in which other people see me. It's a question I spend a lot of time ruminating on, but can never really answer in any meaningful way since I can only know myself (or anything really) as myself and not as anyone else.
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Original fiction.
866 words.

We bumped hands in a bar in Seattle, and as I looked up to apologize I felt time slow and stretch. The look on her face was the same as the one I’d left her with five years before. Surprised. Then she had been surprised that I would leave her so abruptly, in a flurry of boxes and hastily painted over walls. Now I imagined she was surprised to see me at all. I was certainly surprised to run into her a good fifteen-hundred miles from the last moment we’d shared.

She recovered quickly, her face folding into a warm smile. She’d always been good at that. )

This entry was written for Topic 3: It's a Trap! at [livejournal.com profile] therealljidol.
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Good morning! This is a type of admin post, so if you're not coming to Dragon*Con you can scroll past. We're planning to have our annual Thursday night dinner at Max Lager's (where we ate last year) at 5pm. I NEED YOU TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU PLAN ON COMING. I'm going to call this Wednesday and make the reservation, so I need to know by then. Please forward this link to anyone you might be bringing to dinner with you so they can fill out the poll and I can get an accurate head count. (If they do not have a journal and cannot vote in the poll, please have them leave a comment and let me know who they are.)

[Poll #1609637]

If you are coming to Dragon*Con and you know me, you are invited to this. It's a pleasant bit of calm before the storm and a good way of getting to know your fellow nerds before the con.


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I'm not just dicking about on the computer at 1 on a school night because I have a problem though. Oh, no! See, [livejournal.com profile] barbed_whispers has this awesome theory that Bob Bryar had to leave MCR because he's actually a werewolf. And we were discussing it and we think there are probably other AMAZING THEORIES out there amongst the denizens of the internet. And we kind of wanted to hold this loose fest type thing, where people throw crack theories for why Bob left MCR in a hat and then we draw them out and people write awesome fic. We didn't know if it was too soon though. That's the problem with being douchebags. You never really know when it's too soon. So we wanted to gauge interest in crack ideas about Bob Bryar. On the butthurt scale of Spider-man* (crai moar emo kid!**) to robots (haha humans!), how ready are you for fic about crack Bob theories?

[Poll #1574114]

Uh, and if people are already writing crack Bob Leaving MCR fic, please let us know. We're all about reaping the rewards of other people's efforts. We're also all about ridiculous polls, which is mainly the function of this entry. I swear I'm not drunk. They really shouldn't have let the two of us live together. And they REALLY shouldn't let the two of us on the internet. (This is just a continuation of my streak of being OMGWRONGONTHEINTERNET.)

*Hyphen or no hyphen? Em would know.
**I told Lisa Em REALLY was not going to agree about Spidey being emo, but that's the scale and I'm sticking to it.

Uh...I'm getting up in four hours. I think I'll go take a shower now before the cigarette smoke in my hair gives me an asthma attack, and then pass the fuck out. I'm driving to Dina tomorrow. It is going to be a loooooong day.
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Hi, for those of you who don't know me, my name is KL and I'm going to be taking the reins on dinner for our first night at Dragon*Con. [livejournal.com profile] myras_girls was kind enough to do some snooping around, and I can happily say that we're going to be eating at Max Lager's Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery at 7:30 on Thursday evening. The grill is located at 320 Peachtree St., one block North of the Hyatt at Peachtree & West Peachtree. If you would like, you can visit their website here.

Now, we're trying to make this as easy as possible on everyone, so I need a little bit of information from you. Em would like to emphasize that we would like to keep this as close to our immediate parties and their roommates/drivers as possible. It would be impossible to wrangle restaurant space for 40 people.

[Poll #1451808]

We're all going to be incredibly busy, and I know that once people get to Atlanta things sometimes get scattered, so it is your responsibility to let us know if your plans change. It's one thing to ask for a table for 20 people and only have 15 show up, it's another if the problem is the other way around. (On the flip side, it's my responsibility to let you all know if something changes on this end. Man.) The restaurant does seem to have an online reservation service which I'd like to utilize if possible, so poke your friends if you know they're part of our group and get them to answer ASAP. I'll put in the reservation Thursday morning before I leave for Atlanta if at all possible.

If you'd like my phone number so you can let me know if things change or if you get lost or something, please leave a comment asking for it and I'll leave it for you in a screened reply. :)

ETA- I have reserved space for twenty people! If all of the maybes show up we'll just beg to pull up chairs. Aaaaaand...I'm spent!
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For [livejournal.com profile] theemdash's perusal. Tom? (I borrowed Gee, I hope he doesn't complain too loudly for how I handled him.)

You gotta sink gotta sink gotta sink to swim
impersonate greater persons
cause we all know art is hard
when we don't know who we are

Tom had never actually agreed to any of this. )

OH HEY FLIST. I'm going to start putting this under a tighter lock, I think. For the good of many things, but I know some of you are interested so.

[Poll #1243642]
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I'm addicted to this icon. [livejournal.com profile] kellygreen is seven kinds of love for finding it.

The A theme at [livejournal.com profile] anime_flash this month is 'love'. Leave it to me to turn it into an angst fest!
Not really Faye/Spike, but you know, Faye and Spike. )

I was a busy reader today! )

I feel decidedly not clever enough to write the Ouran fic I wanted to. It's like I always feel decidedly clever enough not to write James/Sirius. Which is downright silly, because the reason I love boys is that I love to write banter, and honest sillyness, and hidden feelings, and people who don't beat around the bush. People who run into the bush head on, not worried about the consequences in a fit of passion. Sometimes pantsless, sometimes with ties around their heads.

It's a disease. But at least Jess seems to be enjoying Ouran greatly, if the giggling is any indication.

I was thinking today, while reading some Mustang/Havoc doujins, about how I love to write smokers. (As a side note, one of the covers had Roy holding Jean's cigarette and Jean with Roy's glove in his mouth. Damned sexy.) Smoking can convey a lot about a person, mentally and physically, and it can add to the atmosphere. And then I started cataloguing all of the other weird ticks I like writing. So a nosy question on my part, if you please: )

OMG! I neeeeeed my Old Navy W2 so I can file my taxes because I need my refund to move in April. I wonder if I should call corporate.


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