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No doubt by now you've seen the music video for Panic's new song "The Ballad of Mona Lisa". If you haven't, please go do so here. I'll wait.

Okay, you back with me? I know that was strange for some of you. I know you're not quite sure what to do with all those bits and bobs. I'm here to tell you that it's fine to feel that way. Perfectly normal! And now that we've come to terms with that, we can move on to the important part of this post, which is: THE LEAGUE OF STEAM.

You may have noted that the extras in the video are all dressed a little strangely. (Well, you may have noted that if you could pull your eyes away from Brendon's stupid muppet face. That's okay, I had to watch it four times before I got over his make-up. I was late to work and everything.) Anyway, that's because all of the extras in the video are dressed in the steampunk style. I know those of you who are on my flist have been listening to me ramble about steampunk for YEARS now, but most of bandom is probably a little confused right now so I'm going to ease you into it by explaining some of the extras that appeared in the video and my massive geek crush on them all their affiliation with the steampunk movement. So, down the rabbit hole we go... Drink me! )

In my head, The League of STEAM were at Brendon's wake because someone (possibly Brendon in ghost form) knew there had been foul play and called on them to sort it out. Someone write me THAT FIC. In the meantime, please feel free roll around in steampunk glee like I've been doing since last night. So, was it as good for you as it was for me?

* I'm leaving this unlocked, in case you want to share it.
** All information/pictures taken from The League of STEAM's website and various Youtube videos they've posted. Please go there and learn more about them.
*** If you want more steampunk resources please let me know, since I've been doing pretty much nothing but following and collecting this amazingness since 2008.
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The Remix has gone live! The person who remixed me chose to work from Pete and the Wandicorn, which amuses me greatly, because that was a tiny bit of crack that I thought only Em and I would appreciate. You can read the new story at Archive of Our Own: Patrick's Excellent Adventure (The Vegas Calling Remix). Once again. Glee.

Also, the person who I remixed for left a lovely comment and seemed to really like the story, so I'm happy. Certainly makes all the stressing about it worth it. I can't wait till they do the reveal and I can link you guys.

In other happiness news, I bought two pretty, pretty dresses today at Target. I've recently decided that I sometimes want to actually dress like a girl. The dresses will certainly be more flattering. I hope. I can only work with what I've got, people. AND my crap Torchwood novel finally came in! I have two weeks to read it! Aaaah!

I'm reading Quarantine by Jim Crace, and last night this paragraph hopped out and jabbed me in the ribs. I'm kind of spending a lot of mental energy these days pushing away this darkness I can feel dogging me and dealing with my own sort of Never Start or Never End. These words made me feel better, somehow. The power of fiction.

Once or twice, immersed in the reveries of light and work and wood, he had neared and glimpsed the large and inexplicable itself. To be alive amongst the sawdust and the stars was beyond understanding; to be this person, in this place, and now. Even to contemplate that puzzle was to stray too far from safer paths, to sweat and shiver in that hollow room which has no doors or walls, where Never End and Never Start hold their invisible debate. There’d be no echo there to comfort him, or anyone. No dark or light. Not even any time. And only god—if only god would show himself—to make much sense of it. Faith or dismay, that was the choice. Choose Never End or Never Start. Choose god or pandemonium. When Jesus chose and put his faith in god, he blinked away the hollow room. He brought the wood, the tools, the workshop into focus once more. His spirit softened and solidified again, as it had done when he was in his teens, except more bleakly. It formed a question to be put to god. A question taken from the hollow room. A question that a child would ask. This was his question for the wilderness. The question of a simple-hearted, fragile man—guileless in his love of god, spontaneous and vulnerable in his beliefs. You see these motes, this dust, this bread, these soundless corners hung with webs, these fingertips, engraved with tiny lines? What for, and why?
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Right. I'm sorry flist. I am a lost cause. It's totally all over. You might as well pick up and move a safe distance from the blast range because I spent a good portion of my evening reading Just One of the Girls by [ profile] skoosiepants and laughing my head off and wondering at the top of my lungs why Ryan Ross in a homecoming dress is so funny to me. Boy kept telling me to keep it down, but you all know that that doesn't work. *sigh* I love you all though, and we shall make it through this, just like we do with everything else.

And today I was commenting with another flister who also does NOT have a secret bandom obsession and this little bit of nonsense popped into my head. It has a whole story too, but this is what's typed up now to illustrate what happened in my brain at the critical point where it broke in half and decided to let all of this information come flooding in. So yes.

Fandom: Harry Potter AU (band style)
Characters: Sirius, James and Remus in this bit
Word Count: 910
A/N: There are no words. I generally am not a fan of AUs. But then again, I wasn't a fan of bandom until three days ago. The drugs, they work quickly my friends.

And James Potter had the worst ideas, but sometimes they were all that Sirius had to go on. )

I am so high on fandom right now. I've had the entirety of Pretty Odd on loop in my brain all day. >.< It's fucking 1AM. Someone come talk me down off the Winnie the Pooh story in which Ross is like Eeyore before I'm up till 4. Thanks.

In real life news, it will be very KL's Life if [ profile] corbylea up and moves to Colorado before I do. *clings* Everyone's life is falling apart around me and I'm so fucking helpless I can't even solve my own problems. It's one of the worst feelings in the world. So yeah, back to fandom. *curls up inside you all for comfort*


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