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A short love letter to the Inception fandom -

No, I love you more! Oh stop it! No really, I can't handle you guys. I love every one of you. I want to take you on massive group dates where we steal French art and buy expensive suits. I love that the movie's been out for a little over a week now and fandom is already going strong. I love that for some reason (which I may have forgotten since I've only seen the movie once) fandom has made Arthur a Francophile and I love that Eames reminds me of Remy LeBeau. I haven't fallen for something this hard since...well, the last time I fell for something this hard, but I promise you it was at least a month ago. Right now I honestly feel like I did when I dropped into bandom. I feel like all I do is pine to see the movie again and write fic in my head that I tragically have no time to write in real life. I love how this fandom gives me an excuse to read up on mind studies and look into philosophers I'd been putting off on the off chance they have something to say that I could work into a fic. I love how I have plot bunnies about talking to your subconscious and they aren't out of place or strange like they would be in some of my other homes. Fandom, I love you for referencing fucking Magritte.

I want to friend you all except I don't know how to without being awkward and stalky. So instead I'll just lurk about in your dark corners. I'll watch over your boys.

(No really, someone come talk to me about this before Em defriends me in real life. I'm so glad [ profile] ninepointfivemm has also fallen for it and that she randomly IMs and texts me as the Eames to my Arthur.)

Also, Tom Hardy can take as many pictures like this as he wants. Christ. )

HP MEME Day 3 Favorite female character.

I may surprise some of you by saying Tonks, since you probably know that I'm an ardent supporter of the unicorns who killed her. The thing is, Tonks is an awesome character. She's a girl who can handle herself. She's clumsy and impulsive, but she's also smart and brave and courageous. Tonks is everything I want to be in a woman. And then she fell in love with Remus. Though I hesitate to call it love. Infatuation maybe, which probably isn't fair of me. I promise this doesn't even have to do with me being a puppy shipper. It's because I was such a big fan of Tonks that I hated her after she fell for Remus. She grew weak. She stopped caring about all of the amazing things around her. The life just left her, and that, for someone who had been so full of life, is tragic. But I suppose in the HP universe it's just one tragedy drop in the huge tragedy bucket. That doesn't mean I have to agree with it, though.

I'll fly away.

I'm going to visit Boy for the weekend and not taking my laptop! Send me an e-mail or comment if there's an Inception friending meme or if MCR actually releases music or something. Above all, have a good weekend, guys.
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Back to day one!

WHY IS HE CLIMBING A MOUNTAIN!? Man. Friday started very early. Not as early as I was anticipating it starting, since [ profile] scifigirl decided that she didn't want to get up at 4:30 to be in the Shatner/Nimoy line at 5am, but early enough after very little sleep. As an added plus, though, I got to talk to unexpected![ profile] hermione_like for a short while as we were both waiting for our groups.

Click on the cut to hear about Shatner and Nimoy, GDL and Marsters, Tom Felton, Abney Park, and more... )

From here, head on to day three, which is a day heavy in steampunk and rocking out to awesome, awesome music, including more Voltaire and Abney Park, with a little bit of the Hellblinki Sextet sprinkled on the side!
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Title: Sex and Sandwiches
Rating: R-ish
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] shaggydogstail over at [ profile] joint_gifts. Kocked over by my favorite internet stalkee, [ profile] brak4werewolves, who is also the center of creation for Harry’s dialogue, because I don’t know shite about two year olds. :p
Warnings: Mentionings of male bits really close to other male bits…the lack of which would probably be more frightening to anyone here.

That's not a man Harry, that's a ghost. )

RIP The Reefs. Shall have to go to the surf shop tomorrow and get more. [/cry]


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