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Okay, so Panic is breaking up. I know some of you are amused. Some of you are distraught. A lot of you have no idea what I'm on about, but really, is this a new problem? Anyway, [ profile] barbed_whispers started a trend on twitter earlier that I think we can all get behind. THIS BAND NEEDS TWO NEW MEMBERS, AND YOU GET TO DECIDE WHO THEY ARE. No really. Who do you want to replace Ryan and Jon? Or for that matter, who do you want to replace Brendon and Spencer? The sky's the limit, as is evidenced by [ profile] theemdash's suggestion of Anakin Skywalker.

So let's add some levity to this downer, kids. I, personally, would like it like this:

title or description
Manips all by [ profile] barbed_whispers, who is my the current leading choice for bassist.

Legs Jonas and Hair Cullen would make excellent additions to the Hips Smith/Ass Urie combo. ♥ BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! )

I'm gonna leave this post unlocked. Pimp it if you feel someone needs to giggle.
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Amazon Rank * Amazon Rank * Amazon Rank

Leaving this post open and searchable. Amazon is taking part in some seriously questionable business practices by taking the sales rankings away from not only erotica novels of all flavors, but also books with LGBT themes that are not offensive. We're talking YA novels, bigraphies, and non-fiction works. You can find info on the google bomb here at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. There is a post which has an ongoing list of things that have lost their rankings here, and more information here.
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There has been a murmuring for a Trigun kink meme! I AM NOT KIDDING! :p So I bring you the Anonymous Trigun Kink Meme for Great Justice LOVE AND PEACE!

1. Request a pairing. (ANY PAIRING. Or threesome, or foursome. More than four might be unweildy, but you can try. No pairing wank guys.)
2. Include a kink! (This is the point, if there is no kink, you get no fic! I will probably delete anything without a kink.)
3. Remember that this is ANONYMOUS. (It's the secrecy that makes it fun!)
4. Leave a kink, come back and fill a kink. (Or five. Whatever makes you happy. The more fic, the more people, the more fun!)
5. PIMP THIS! (The more the merrier. Let's get em coming out of the wood work!)

6. Make me stop abusing exclamation points.

I'll come through when I can and update a list of requests that haven't been fulfilled. Have fun! Wank will be deleted. That is all.

( A list of kinks for your edification. )

ETA- OK guys. Just because I forgot to say earlier. I don't mind if something that's already filled strikes your fancy, but if you write for one that's already been answered, please do an unanswered one as well. Also, these are your fics, of course. If you want to post them later, by all means do. But give us a week for the anon fun first, yeah?

The list of things that need love: Cut because it got so long. )

ETA 2- OK GUYS! We've had an influx of posts since I stumbled in last night. Just please remember that the NUMBER OF PROMPTS YOU LEAVE is the NUMBER OF PROMPTS YOU WRITE. There are some interesting ones left over from when it first opened. Sadly though, I do not have time to write for all of them, so don't forget the most important piece of the puzzle here. And remember, keep having fun. I like what I'm seeing so far, and so do the others. Keep up the good work!

Announcement- We have now been added to the list of all kink memes. Have fun here, have fun there, enjoy the porn. :)


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