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I wrote five whole pages of Feliks today. I feel slightly accomplished, and slightly less like putting someone through a wall.

Title: Visible Connections
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Kyouya/Kaoru
Word Count: 1,882
Summary: Hikaru has left Kaoru behind, but he can make his own way.
A/N: For [ profile] zodiacstargazer, who stumped me in the 'stump the writer meme'. She prompted Kyouya/Kaoru and a song. All I’ve listened to lately is Sparta and UVERworld, and I couldn’t quite reconcile the Sparta with Ouran this evening, so this comes loosely from a translation I found of Tobira by UVERworld. <3. I've never written this pairing before, so I really hop it works. And you know dear, I think I may set the Sirius/Tamaki on the backburner, in case I ever need some crack distraction some day. :p

Even on his own he could conquer the world, it didn’t have to be the two of them.  )
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Hmm..this song is crazily appropriate. *loves on Sparta*

Title: The Right Answer
Pairing: Tamaki/Kyouya
Rating: PG for naked Tamaki butt! :D
Word Count: 1,309
A/N: Almost as long as the fic, jesus. )

When Kyouya opened his eyes, Tamaki was no longer next to him. )
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Guys...why am I still up at 4am!? *whines* *crawls off to bed to die*

Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Title: Divide and Conquer
Pairing/Characters: It’s a free for all of insanity! Mori/Haruhi, vague Kaoru/Hikaru, beginnings of Tamaki/Kyouya. With a dash of Honey on the side!
Word Count: 5,651. This is the longest thing I've written since Nano.
Rating: This is so PG it hurts.
Summary: Kyouya and Tamaki appear to be fighting over Haruhi, but the twins think they know what they’re really fighting.
A/N: This fic cuts scene a lot and is an experiment in being episodic in nature. It’s also my first Ouran fic so I’m worried about the tone, but I know you lot will let me know if I’ve done anything too egregious. That’s part of why I love you, after all. ALL of my love goes out to [ profile] marilla82! She not only betaed this, but stayed up late and listened to me read bits out loud and puzzle over diction. She does SO much for all of these little pieces of insanity that I don’t think I could ever make it up to her.

Mothers can not ask their daughters on dates, especially when Daddy disapproves! )
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HAH!! More Ouran drabble-age for [ profile] anime_flash. I think I'll make a whole series of these, because they're way too fun. Tamaki really is such a loveable idiot.

Challenge: 2A – Love
Title: The Reel
Author: [ profile] katilara
Series/Characters: Ouran High School Host Club, Tamaki/His Worst Nightmare
Rating: PG13 for wild imagination
Word Count: 293

'Tono?' the twins poked him in the back. )

Argh! The Cain nightmare is so good in my head that I'm afraid to type it up and rescue it from the piece of crumpled blotter paper I scribbled it on at work. It won't be nearly as good as I want it to be when I post it. I tend to think I've only successfully captured such a beautiful ephemerance (is that a word? Fuck, it is now!) once or twice before. But just... *sob*

So much to look forward to this week! Tomorrow is early VDay with The Boy, Tuesday is Fiddler's with the writers, Thursday is a reunion with an old room mate of mine whom I miss very much, and Saturday is Fuji and Fandom!! I'm going to be so tired by the end of the week it's going to be ridiculous.

Also, have decided that I'm going to request a meeting with The Boss tomorrow and talk to her about my permanence, or lack thereof. It's important to me, you know? I REALLY want to stay there, but I need to be full time, and have health insurance, and do other adult things. Blah.

Spent a good portion of the work night talking with my 2nd favorite sillhouette artist. He's gone back to school for a masters in Film and Production. I am so proud of him! His love for his classes and professors makes me want to go back even more than I did before. It's doubly nice though that I can talk to him about the NNoD and he can talk to me about his screen plays and we can hash things out and laugh and beg to see the finished products, all in colonial wear. *head desk* But I really do value any time I get to see him. That just sounded extra girly didn't it?

Damn. I think it's nap time.
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Hee. Read Chapter 1 of Sorcerer's Stone today on my commute. (All 30 minutes of it total. :p) It's the beginning of the end! AAGGHHH!!! *flails*

I'm gonna post the Gren/Vicious (Gren/Viscous if you're Jess, which is a whole other kind of sick and twisted :p) after Corb and Jess and I finish up Ouran tonight and I can fix the corrections Jess made properly. But right now, I wrote this drabble for [ profile] anime_flash this morning and I really like how it turned out. So there. :p

Challenge: 2A – Love
Title: Slipping
Author: KL
Series/Characters: Ouran High School Host Club, Hikaru/Haruhi
Rating: PG
Word Count: 300! Wee!
A/N: To make up for the angst. Just some discovery on Hikaru’s part. I do so LOVE the twins!
Spoilers: Ahh…episode 16? I think its 16, but it’s not really THAT spoilery.

Flash. Rumble. Closer. )
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I'm addicted to this icon. [ profile] kellygreen is seven kinds of love for finding it.

The A theme at [ profile] anime_flash this month is 'love'. Leave it to me to turn it into an angst fest!
Not really Faye/Spike, but you know, Faye and Spike. )

I was a busy reader today! )

I feel decidedly not clever enough to write the Ouran fic I wanted to. It's like I always feel decidedly clever enough not to write James/Sirius. Which is downright silly, because the reason I love boys is that I love to write banter, and honest sillyness, and hidden feelings, and people who don't beat around the bush. People who run into the bush head on, not worried about the consequences in a fit of passion. Sometimes pantsless, sometimes with ties around their heads.

It's a disease. But at least Jess seems to be enjoying Ouran greatly, if the giggling is any indication.

I was thinking today, while reading some Mustang/Havoc doujins, about how I love to write smokers. (As a side note, one of the covers had Roy holding Jean's cigarette and Jean with Roy's glove in his mouth. Damned sexy.) Smoking can convey a lot about a person, mentally and physically, and it can add to the atmosphere. And then I started cataloguing all of the other weird ticks I like writing. So a nosy question on my part, if you please: )

OMG! I neeeeeed my Old Navy W2 so I can file my taxes because I need my refund to move in April. I wonder if I should call corporate.


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