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[Heavy lifting.] Had my first call with the Health Coach last night. I didn't cry and she didn't try to shame me! We talked about my goals and my current state of disrepair and all of the things I know I need to do but just...don't. That is seriously the story of my life at this point. I draw up diagrams and lists of things I could do to make myself happy and productive and healthy, and then I set them on fire and go off to eat chocolate cake in bed. Because eating chocolate cake in bed makes me just happy enough at the moment to make it not matter that I'm going to be blindsided by miserableness later.

SO. Project Shell Game is in effect. So-called Project Shell Game because the three major things I need to start doing are so interconnected that I'm finding it impossible to work on one because of the others. I need to A) get to sleep at a decent hour so that I can B) wake up by 6:30AM and C) walk three miles before work at least three days a week. Maybe if I can follow all of these then I will be able to pick out the one thing that makes me happiest in the long run. Maybe there's a pearl under all three. Who knows. That's the one thing I told her I'd work on. I want to be able to give her good news when she calls back in April. I also want to not die during that run I signed up for, so there's that.

[Art and shit.] I mentioned a while back that I wanted to run a game of Artist's Telephone, because it would be fun. Now that we're drawing close to summer I'm thinking that I really would like to set it up. It might be best to host over Tumblr, but I can figure out the particulars when I see if there's actual interest. For those who don't know, Artist's Telephone is a game where one person creates a piece of art and then the next person in line uses that piece of art to inspire them to create a new piece of art, and on and on. If you think this sounds fun to you, would you please respond to this poll?

[Poll #1904553]

Also, I'm leaving this post unlocked, so feel free to share this with other people you think might enjoy it.

[Words and shit.] I need a pair of eyes to help me whip a poem into shape. Anyone? Bueller?


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