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I can't decide what the theme song for this post/year should be. It's somewhere between So Fresh, So Clean and The New Year. I'm open to suggestions!

You guys, I'm overfull. I've always been overfull. I don't sit still well. I don't clean up well. I don't organize well. I don't do anything adults should be capable of doing well, really. A few months ago I finally got so fed up with myself that I started going to therapy and now I kind of want to carry through on some of those meager gains by sort of cleaning myself up in the next year. Maybe getting a handle on some of these things will make me believe I'm not simply a thing that might happen to someone with drastic consequences! Maybe I'd believe myself worthy of adult relationships! Who knows!

This is a list of things I'd like to clean up about my person, it's not required reading. )

Anyway, I'm feeling optimistic, as I often do before I give up and completely fail on something. I think I might want to look into a bullet journal, the format of which would help me track things on all these different fronts? Like, if I could have daily tick/info boxes for say budget, water drunk, exercise, flossing, writing, working out, and meditating? Or I guess not a real bullet journal. Bullet journals are overwhelming and stress me out. I don't think I have the spoons for maintaining a journal AND ticking boxes/inputting info. Maybe just get a pocket calendar and fill in slots every day?

Do any of you have experience with bullet journals or good day at a glance apps maybe? I need something easy and foolproof. I do not need to be distracted by washi tape because, as noted, I already own too many crafting supplies.

Help! I need an adult! Because really, all I want to do is turn myself into the best version of myself, and I'm currently so far from being that person that I'm overwhelmed by the thought of what it's going to take to be her. Pfah.

I did do a whole bunch of budget adulting things today, though. I took money from savings to pay off a credit card and opened a new checking account that I'm going direct deposit money into and then set up to autopay to the remaining credit cards. That way I know A) how much money is coming out for it each paycheck and I don't have to move things around or have the beginning of the month be so drastically front loaded spending wise, B) that they'll be paid on time and I won't be accruing late fees because I'm a ditz, and C) maybe I can forget about them like I did those loans the savings account was started for to begin with and one day I'll just wake up and wooo, they'll be paid off!

Wouldn't that be a miracle. This burst of adulting brought to you by me freaking out about how much money I'm going to have to put into my HSA every month to be able to afford therapy for the next year. My life sure is rivetting! Ugh, money has always been my #1 nemesis. How do people even?


Oct. 15th, 2014 09:42 pm
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I'm not going to post the Harry Potter pictures tonight, either. But I did promise [ profile] barbed_whispers I'd do an LJ poll for science. (Since that's the only way to do science. We're really worried about the state of scientific discovery in the world what with LJ going so quiet.)

[Poll #1985618]
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I mean, I have a lot of feelings about AI and uploading people to the internet, but all I really want to live to see is gifs on t-shirts, because I have a mighty need to wear some of them about. I mean.


Look, now you've all been warned.
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My name is KL and I am a compound fracture. Fractured because I'm nothing more than a fraction of a sliver of the sum of me, and compounded because I carry with me the ghosts of every sliver I have been and will be. It is impossible to define an object in one moment of time. By the time you're finished writing it that thing will have moved on and become something else. If for no other reason than the seconds have worn a little bit more of it away as you were trying to catch it. Everything is a little less possible every day. I am saddled with a little less possibility every day.

Less pretentious rambling under the cut. )
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So I'm moving. I'm moving from Orlando to Boston. I've spent some time researching movers and calling around for estimates and it looks like, at face value, having someone else move my stuff will cost ~$1500 and moving it myself with a UHaul would cost ~$2500. In general, I'm all about saving a thousand dollars and letting someone else do the heavy lifting, but most of the movers I've found are 50% glowing reviews and 50% horrid reviews with horror stories that I just cannot think about. So:

Have you ever moved long distance?
Did you hire people or do it yourself?
If you did hire someone, did you like them? Was it a pleasant experience?
Do you have any other knowledge that a first time mover like me might need?

Unlocking it! Send your friends over!

I don't even know. This whole massive life change thing is kind of stressful, but I'm getting less nervous about what will happen on the other end.
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Hokay! I know people have been pestering [ profile] theemdash with emails about this, so we'll go ahead and get it out of the way. This year we are having our Thursday Night Dinner at Max Lager's at 6PM. For those of you who might be new to the experience, there's a helpful map of where Max Lager's is in relation to the hotels here. For those of you who aren't new, it's the same place we were last year.

Now, there are going to be a few changes to what we request of you, because of the stress that people flitting in and out has caused the restaurant staff and us as your planners in the past.

1.) We need EVERYONE who's coming to BE THERE at 6PM or very close to. It's not fair to the restaurant staff to cascade seat tables and play musical chairs.

2.) We need an ACCURATE count of how many people you're going to have with you. If you bump into people on the way, please do not bring them in tow. (Well, unless they're to fill a space someone dropping out left, I suppose, but at that point you can only fill one for one. Not two or three or fifteen to one. Seriously you guys, think of the waiters.)

So without further ado.

[Poll #1860188]

If there are people you want to invite who can come, please send them over here to fill out the poll as well. If you cannot send them over here, please comment below with who they are. WE NEED YOU TO FILL OUT THIS SURVEY BY AUGUST 21ST. I will call to make the reservation on the 22nd.

Remember! This dinner is open to anyone who can see this who is going to the con. It's a hectic weekend and we just like having a calm(ish, we know you guys) moment to see our friends before things really get underway. So come! Bring your friends! Just let me know about it first. :p

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[Poll #1828733]

Saw Hunger Games! Loved it! Teared up about eight hundred times! Spotted [ profile] ninepointfivemm in the Caesar crowd! (You should have stolen that wig.) Now I can go read all of your reactions without being spoiled to high hell. Not that I'm generally concerned about spoilers, since I knew how it ended going in, but you know. I guess I'll read the book eventually, but I have to get through about three others first.
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So they have Star Wars speed dating at Dragon*Con. I've decided that Lisa should participate in this, because even though she's never seen the movies all of the facts we've fed her she knows about Star Wars are totally true and complete and would impress all but the staunchest adherents to the Force. Discussion about this Wednesday night brought about discussion on how to find your Star Wars name, which involves some sort of complicated ciphering and standing on one foot and touching your nose with your eyes closed. It's a lot like a sobriety test, honestly, and God knows I haven't been able to pass one of those since the third grade. Which means I wasn't entirely surprised to find that my Star Wars name came out to be almost impossible to pronounce using human tongues.

Larcr Stfer. If left to me, I'd prefer to pronounce it Larcroix St. Fer. I could be some sort of nobility, I'm sure. I'd get a tauntaun all my own and ample land to graze it away from creepy, lightsaber wielding mad men looking to 'tag' him by gutting him. Of course, Lisa and Em have decided it's actually pronounced more like Lurker Stiffer, which I guess isn't exactly false advertising since I am often lurking and my internet penis is huge.

Lisa told me that they're holding a special party for the blood donors at the con and there will probably be famous people at it. In fact, she's hoping that Mark Sheppard will be at it, so she can rub in the fact that she got to meet him and I didn't. And also so she can tell him that the reason I can't give blood is because in the state of Florida you have to wait a year to give blood after your last tattoo. And what was my last tattoo of? Crowley. (And Aziraphale, but I doubt he'd care so much about that.) Thereby implying that I am way more obsessed with him than I am. (IT WASN'T EVEN HIS CROWLEY.) I won't even be there to defend my lurker stiffer self. I'll just be creeping around elsewhere, crying my lurky tears.

And possibly using all my con free time to write an Inception steampunk AU. Someone tell me not to do that. >.>
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A short love letter to the Inception fandom -

No, I love you more! Oh stop it! No really, I can't handle you guys. I love every one of you. I want to take you on massive group dates where we steal French art and buy expensive suits. I love that the movie's been out for a little over a week now and fandom is already going strong. I love that for some reason (which I may have forgotten since I've only seen the movie once) fandom has made Arthur a Francophile and I love that Eames reminds me of Remy LeBeau. I haven't fallen for something this hard since...well, the last time I fell for something this hard, but I promise you it was at least a month ago. Right now I honestly feel like I did when I dropped into bandom. I feel like all I do is pine to see the movie again and write fic in my head that I tragically have no time to write in real life. I love how this fandom gives me an excuse to read up on mind studies and look into philosophers I'd been putting off on the off chance they have something to say that I could work into a fic. I love how I have plot bunnies about talking to your subconscious and they aren't out of place or strange like they would be in some of my other homes. Fandom, I love you for referencing fucking Magritte.

I want to friend you all except I don't know how to without being awkward and stalky. So instead I'll just lurk about in your dark corners. I'll watch over your boys.

(No really, someone come talk to me about this before Em defriends me in real life. I'm so glad [ profile] ninepointfivemm has also fallen for it and that she randomly IMs and texts me as the Eames to my Arthur.)

Also, Tom Hardy can take as many pictures like this as he wants. Christ. )

HP MEME Day 3 Favorite female character.

I may surprise some of you by saying Tonks, since you probably know that I'm an ardent supporter of the unicorns who killed her. The thing is, Tonks is an awesome character. She's a girl who can handle herself. She's clumsy and impulsive, but she's also smart and brave and courageous. Tonks is everything I want to be in a woman. And then she fell in love with Remus. Though I hesitate to call it love. Infatuation maybe, which probably isn't fair of me. I promise this doesn't even have to do with me being a puppy shipper. It's because I was such a big fan of Tonks that I hated her after she fell for Remus. She grew weak. She stopped caring about all of the amazing things around her. The life just left her, and that, for someone who had been so full of life, is tragic. But I suppose in the HP universe it's just one tragedy drop in the huge tragedy bucket. That doesn't mean I have to agree with it, though.

I'll fly away.

I'm going to visit Boy for the weekend and not taking my laptop! Send me an e-mail or comment if there's an Inception friending meme or if MCR actually releases music or something. Above all, have a good weekend, guys.
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The Remix has gone live! The person who remixed me chose to work from Pete and the Wandicorn, which amuses me greatly, because that was a tiny bit of crack that I thought only Em and I would appreciate. You can read the new story at Archive of Our Own: Patrick's Excellent Adventure (The Vegas Calling Remix). Once again. Glee.

Also, the person who I remixed for left a lovely comment and seemed to really like the story, so I'm happy. Certainly makes all the stressing about it worth it. I can't wait till they do the reveal and I can link you guys.

In other happiness news, I bought two pretty, pretty dresses today at Target. I've recently decided that I sometimes want to actually dress like a girl. The dresses will certainly be more flattering. I hope. I can only work with what I've got, people. AND my crap Torchwood novel finally came in! I have two weeks to read it! Aaaah!

I'm reading Quarantine by Jim Crace, and last night this paragraph hopped out and jabbed me in the ribs. I'm kind of spending a lot of mental energy these days pushing away this darkness I can feel dogging me and dealing with my own sort of Never Start or Never End. These words made me feel better, somehow. The power of fiction.

Once or twice, immersed in the reveries of light and work and wood, he had neared and glimpsed the large and inexplicable itself. To be alive amongst the sawdust and the stars was beyond understanding; to be this person, in this place, and now. Even to contemplate that puzzle was to stray too far from safer paths, to sweat and shiver in that hollow room which has no doors or walls, where Never End and Never Start hold their invisible debate. There’d be no echo there to comfort him, or anyone. No dark or light. Not even any time. And only god—if only god would show himself—to make much sense of it. Faith or dismay, that was the choice. Choose Never End or Never Start. Choose god or pandemonium. When Jesus chose and put his faith in god, he blinked away the hollow room. He brought the wood, the tools, the workshop into focus once more. His spirit softened and solidified again, as it had done when he was in his teens, except more bleakly. It formed a question to be put to god. A question taken from the hollow room. A question that a child would ask. This was his question for the wilderness. The question of a simple-hearted, fragile man—guileless in his love of god, spontaneous and vulnerable in his beliefs. You see these motes, this dust, this bread, these soundless corners hung with webs, these fingertips, engraved with tiny lines? What for, and why?
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It's possible that this icon has NEVER BEEN MORE APPROPRIATE. So this morning on twitter we started talking about Space Unicorn Sodomy, like you do. I've been asked about it, so if you wanna hear it, here it goes!

No I'm not going to try and line up the convos, it's more fun this way. )

And that's that. I hope you all feel enlightened and educated and afraid. Post kept unlocked in case other parties want to link their flists back.
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YESTERDAY WAS TATTOO DAY. *ahem* As some of you may have noticed. A flurry of folks have asked for pics, so I'll do a quick write up. It's not cutting, but I do it feel alive. )

Right. I'm going to go and get some lunch and do some last minute Christmas shopping before I have to come back and get ready for the Nutcracker tonight. Thanks for hopping around in delight with me. Eeeeee.
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So, I have this friend, [ profile] bewize. Last year she introduced me to a competition called [ profile] therealljidol, and I was glad that she did. I enjoyed reading her posts each week and watching her take their prompts and make them her own. I thought about doing it this year, but it's just getting started up right now and I have an apartment to finish unpacking and Nano to prep for and vlogs to make and all sorts of excuses to not really put myself out there and be judged. But still, I like it. So she's convinced me (to convince myself really) to play along at home. I won't be judged, but I'll sometimes grab the prompts and run with them. I hope you think what comes out is interesting, or silly, or insightful.

And well, if you don't, that's okay too. It'll probably be a lot like what you already think of this journal.

* * *

Recycling Plastics

I've recently moved, and as much as I love unpacking, I've been dragging my feet. This move signifies something, even if I'm not quite sure what yet. Unpacking just makes that thing permanent, and I don't know how that makes me feel. But, since I'm not going to be the only person in this apartment I thought it only fair that I get all of my shit out of the middle of the living room floor. That's the reason I was sitting on the floor for two hours last night organizing my CDs and DVDs.

You know how when you haven't opened a box in a while you start to wonder why you have it in the first place? )

Thank you for humouring me there. I think I might enjoy doing these things. It's a different tack to the way I usually blog. And apropos of absolutely nothing, I watched the first episode of Generation Kill tonight, and [ profile] secondstar will be happy to know that I enjoyed it immensely. I kind of can't wait to watch the rest. And read the books. God. More books. *looks around at all the other things I haven't read*
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I've decided to do these in a weekend review type of way, so I'm going to be breaking them up into bite size chunks. The first day was relatively uneventful. After what I think is an ungodly early start (I got up 6, was at [ profile] barbed_whispers place by 6:45) we got to [ profile] honkie_mcgee's, got some breakfast, and got on the road. I pretty much sucked it up at the game of Cows! for the entire trip up. Ah well.

Click for continued rambling and pictures and video including Voltaire )

And that's it for day one. It felt long by the time I dropped into bed, but the weekend was just getting started. I think that evening I got about thirty minutes of sleep collectively. It's always good to start a trip in a deficit, yes? More exciting.

And now on to day two! Including the likes of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Gareth David-Lloyd, James Marsters, Tom Felton, and Abney Park.


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