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Right. I'm sorry flist. I am a lost cause. It's totally all over. You might as well pick up and move a safe distance from the blast range because I spent a good portion of my evening reading Just One of the Girls by [ profile] skoosiepants and laughing my head off and wondering at the top of my lungs why Ryan Ross in a homecoming dress is so funny to me. Boy kept telling me to keep it down, but you all know that that doesn't work. *sigh* I love you all though, and we shall make it through this, just like we do with everything else.

And today I was commenting with another flister who also does NOT have a secret bandom obsession and this little bit of nonsense popped into my head. It has a whole story too, but this is what's typed up now to illustrate what happened in my brain at the critical point where it broke in half and decided to let all of this information come flooding in. So yes.

Fandom: Harry Potter AU (band style)
Characters: Sirius, James and Remus in this bit
Word Count: 910
A/N: There are no words. I generally am not a fan of AUs. But then again, I wasn't a fan of bandom until three days ago. The drugs, they work quickly my friends.

And James Potter had the worst ideas, but sometimes they were all that Sirius had to go on. )

I am so high on fandom right now. I've had the entirety of Pretty Odd on loop in my brain all day. >.< It's fucking 1AM. Someone come talk me down off the Winnie the Pooh story in which Ross is like Eeyore before I'm up till 4. Thanks.

In real life news, it will be very KL's Life if [ profile] corbylea up and moves to Colorado before I do. *clings* Everyone's life is falling apart around me and I'm so fucking helpless I can't even solve my own problems. It's one of the worst feelings in the world. So yeah, back to fandom. *curls up inside you all for comfort*
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Title: Borrowed Sett
Fandom: Harry Potter (holy shit gais)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Word Count: 986
Summary: Sirius' grand plans move onto outer wear.
A/N: Written for [ profile] marilla82, who stumped me in the Stump the Writer meme and then gave me the randomest prompt ever in 'paper towels.' She knows how long it's been since I've written HP, and she's been trying to poke me back into it for ages. Well you win damnit! You. Win. Expect Regulus soon. :(

At what point did your brain say ‘this is a sound idea, Sirius Black, you are certainly a god among men’ and give in to this madness? )
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I just want some contacts. I can’t wear my glasses forever, they’re screwed up. I do not however want to pay the $100 for an eye exam with no insurance. *pouts*

No one out there has -3.75 eyes do they? Or an eye? I could start a whole contact racket by reimbursing that person for just buying a box. Then, next thing you know, there are people selling prescription eyewear in dingy alleys and dives. *dreams*

Irg. Is it five yet?


Nobody has any drabble bunnies they'd want to donate to my cause do they? Any fandom you think I know. Or maybe one I don't. I'm sooooo bored.

Prompt 1: Cain/Riff )

Prompt 2: Peter and the Lion )
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[ profile] pre_raphaelite1: *licks your brain*
[ profile] katilara: eee!
[ profile] katilara: my brain probably needed that
[ profile] pre_raphaelite1: it's very dirty
[ profile] pre_raphaelite1: and tastes of ginger

*blows kisses*

Part deux of birthday happiness. Here is some happy Sirius/James for [ profile] kyasuriin.

Title: The Effects of Naked Toast and Goofy Stag Lips
Rating: NC17
Fandom: HP
Characters: Sirius/James (Poor Potter, we really should tie those Black boys up. *snerk*)
Note: Warnings for frottage and boy kissing and unattractive penises. This one is happy and fluffy and stupid in the way that things are when you let James Potter do any talking. Sorry. :p

This is gratuitous, and it wouldn't stop. I would be sorry, if I hadn't enjoyed writing it. *cackles*

Primarily the ‘like you’ part, as I wouldn’t have any qualms about being a ponce like Remus. )

Between last night and tonight I have officially doubled the amount of smut I've ever written. WHY IS MY BRAIN BEING EATEN NOW!?!

And in case you needed some extra/non gay happiness, funny cat pictures. There's a whole site of them. Tremendous!
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I was a good girl today. I worked out, I went to Starbucks with Jess and made headway on the [ profile] hp_fairytales, and I have NEW pretty boys in the apartment. Yes, the Vash and Nicholas wall hanging came today. I was worried there for a bit, but they came through. Now if only I would get a Llama hat in the mail, damnit! *shakes fist at the US postal service*

And in celebration of [ profile] jlarinda's birthday, have some smut. :p

This whole thing kind of makes me wish I'd stolen the Seme/Uke paddle that was left in the bathroom stall at AFO.

Title: Revenge
Rating: NC17
Fandom: HP
Characters: James/Regulus
Note: This is loosely based on happenings at [ profile] jlarinda's RP, [ profile] avoria_academy. I apologize if this is nothing like the RP, I'm not actually involved in it. :p It involves rape and revenge and dom/sub boy!sex. If you are not comfortable with any of those things, please don't read it. Thanks.

James reached out his right hand and curled his fingers around Regulus’ neck, pinning him to the wall by his upper vertebrae. )

And tomorrow, hopefully, if I'm not busy, there will be MORE James!smut for [ profile] kyasuriin. (I do have a meeting tomorrow night after work, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.) This time it will probably be more happy, because I'm just not familiar with all this other nonsense. :p
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Title: Padfoot's Delirium
Rating: PG-13?
Word count: 3,428
Warnings: Em..none that I can think of. There will be a sequel. Beware the sequel. Oooohhh...*draco fingers*
Disclaimer: I do not own the Potterverse, I do not own the Endless. I own nothing, not even my bank account apparently. Irg.
Summary: HP/Sandman Crossover. (Does anyone know where I can post Sandman crossovers?) Sirius causes trouble from inside Azkaban in new and unique ways.

I’ll show him the elephants I can do. On little clouds they go walking. Harumph! )
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Title: Nothing’s Different
Rating: PG for talk of death.
Word count: 825
Warnings: Beware of teh angst!
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I could afford Grad School.
Summary: Regulus is faced with mortality. For [ profile] 20_claims prompt #87, Life. One down, 19 to go. :p

But it did boil down to this. )

And for you non fandom folks: 100 Most Annoying Things of 2005
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Waldorf: Hey, I heard Donald Rumsfeld went to see Jarhead.
Statler: Really? What did he think?
Waldorf: No one knows, he's still in the theatre. He doesn't have an exit strategy!

Haha, the men in the balcony from the Muppets. They snark, they gibe, and they review some movies. They even review Goblet of Fire. Go!! Now!!

Yes, so I wasn't going to post tonight. But Berd, she asked for drabble. Actually, she asked me to work on Part two of The Closet Door, but I can't do that with good conscious during NaNo. So here, here is some drabble instead.

Title: Glances
Word Count: 290
Rating: PG
Summary: Something between Sirius and Remus is eating at Peter, if only he knew what. Based slightly off of [ profile] communiquills in that Peter doesn't know there.

The glances were contagious. )

MM...let me know, yeah?
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Title: It All Comes Down To This
Author: [ profile] katilara
Rating: PG, I think. I don't think smoking garners the 13, but it may.
Warnings: Mentions of slash. Spoiler for HBP.
Brief summary: Regulus steals the locket and centers his thoughts around his brother rather than think about what he's done.
Challenge (if you used one): #24. Sirius and Regulus - a brother's story
Word Count: 2,411
Author's Notes: I wrote this for [ profile] sirius_loving and based it mildly on prompt #4 from [ profile] royal_almost. Beta'd by my lovelies, [ profile] brak4werewolves and [ profile] marilla82.

*Fan art of the beautiful sort based on this fic can be found here. If you're reading this, please go let the artist know what you think of it.*

Cross-posted to [ profile] regulations, [ profile] remusxsirius, [ profile] sirius_loving, and [ profile] royal_almost. Sorry for the spam. :p

And in the end we all fall down. )
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There will be a full TWH post later tonight or tomorrow when I can collect all my pics. It will be 8 million pages long, so everyone warm up your PC's. :p For now though I remembered that I never posted this anywhere and since it's past the date of when I could archive it elsewhere than the S/R FQF, I am. You can't stop me!

Author Name: [ profile] katilara
Title: Les Lettres
Rating: NC17...possibly.
Summary:Sirius is dragged away on holiday by his family during the summer after fifth year and he writes to Remus about the general goings on. It turns out that things aren't exactly as boring as he'd imagined they'd be.
Author's Notes: I really didn't want this to be like most of the other letter things that I'd read. Not that there's anything wrong with them, but I have a phobia of being a biter. (Plus [ profile] brak4werewolves would have stopped snogging me if I bit her format. :P) Feel free to let me know if you think I should stick to the biting. :p Beta'd by the lovely [ profile] marilla82.

I'm buggered, that's what I am! )
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Title: The Closet Door
Author: [ profile] katilara
Rating: This part's probably PG13
Characters/Pairings: At this point it's Sirius with unrequitted S/R
A/N: So I had this idea a long time ago about a bar named The Closet Door and I started wondering what kind of people went there. This is really the experiment for that. It's another way of looking at the war. Since this is the prologue it is introspection from Sirius' point of view. The other parts will have dialogue and more characters, but they will all take place inside the bar. Much love to my beta [ profile] marilla82 and to [ profile] brak4werewolves for reading it over again for me.

just like to hear your voice and pretend to touch any inch of you that hasn't said it all or read it all or sung my life away )
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Fic for [ profile] alazysod (AKA emerald_123) for the [ profile] hp_tradeoff who likes R/S/R and ties. I apologize if it's not exactly R/S/R. I can write you a different one if you like.

Title: Ties That Bind (Well, THAT was creative. Hehe)
Summary/Subject matter: Regulus has an obsession.
Pairing(s): Sirius/Remus and Regulus
Rating: Probably R, maybe NC-17. I'm bad with ratings.
Link or LJ cut: It all started with the ties. )

Fic post!!

Jul. 31st, 2005 03:39 am
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Fic for [ profile] just_juxtaposed for the [ profile] hp_tradeoff who likes R/S and wanted something sweet. I think the Dreaded Real Life ate my fluff, but it should make you feel gooey.

Title: A Day Off
Summary/Subject matter: Remus helps Sirius take a day to decide what's really important.
Pairing(s): Sirius/Remus
Rating: PG
Link or LJ cut: I can't take it anymore. )

Fic Post

Apr. 13th, 2005 01:37 am
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Title: Lily Two
Author: Me
Word Count: 5,903
Rating: PG-13 probably, for content
Fandom: HP
Summary: Lily deals with becoming a new person.
A/N: So once upon a time [ profile] lupinslittlesis wrote a wonderful little as yet incomplete fic about R/S and the events leading up to Oct. 31 1981 called Accidentally In Love. This is an offshoot of that fic, particularly this part. I will also mention that I listened to the song Lily Two by Matt Pond PA on repeat while I was editing this, hence the name.
A/N[squared]: Buckets of thanks by the gazillions to my beta, [ profile] marilla82. I not only cut into lunch times, I cut into QaF time, and for that I should be hung. :p
Warnings: Discussion of rape. I think that's all. The mysticism has eaten my brain.
Concrit? Please...please. I'll give you cookies, and hugs. Hehe.

Peter’s living room appeared around me and the closeness of it was welcome. )

Lily Two - Matt Pond PA )


Feb. 22nd, 2005 12:46 am
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AUTHOR: [ profile] katilara
TITLE: Ignorance
RATING: PG-13, I think
WARNINGS: Homophobia…?
NOTES: Written for [ profile] moonanddogstar’s AIDS challenge. I hope it’s alright. Thank you also to my beta, [ profile] marilla82, for indulging me and putting up with my crap, even though she's had her own trying week. *hugs*
Crossposted: …to hell? [ profile] remusxsirius, [ profile] moonanddogstar, [ profile] katilara, and Immeritus.

Do you really think there’s a gay plague? )


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