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Sunday started late, much later than I was intending to start it, anyway. I had good intentions of getting up at 7:30 and being in line for the Gareth David-Lloyd panel, and I did get up! But by the time I had done my hair and taken all the pics from the night before off my camera, I was falling asleep sitting up. So instead of going to the panel I went back to bed until ten. Though, because of that I went down to the Abney Park booth to buy a CD about 10:15, which was just the right time, because I got to meet Nathan and have a lovely conversation with him. He's very welcoming and friendly. Have I mentioned how I love that band?

Pictures and video of the Hellblinki Sextet and random con goings on. )

After that my remaining time was mostly spent sleeping and packing and dealer rooming and driving the six and a half hours or so home. None of that is exciting. But thank you guys for rolling around in this joy with me. Only 359 or so days until I get to go back. Can it be next September now?
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I'm going to leave this post unlocked. I know, that's how excited I am. A couple of months ago, I spent the early morning hours of a school night flailing in comments with [ profile] delustre over this stupid idea I had. I've since flailed at other people, and none of them did the responsible thing and told me not to do it. Therefore, I bring you the Scattering Stars project:

The video explains it pretty succinctly. If you'd like to read more about the project, you can check the website here.

I ask that you please pass this on. Share the link to this post, the blogspot, or the video, but I want to cast as large a net as possible. Let's get out there and decrease world suck!
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Ugh. You guys. [ profile] theemdash is trying to use up all my creativity before I turn 30. She may have talked me into doing a web comic of some sort. (And by talked me into I mean I made up a character and she went 'I think we should...' You all know I'm easy.) So yes. Our characters are the awesomest characters. They also have the daffishest hats.

THURSDAY! VLOG DAY. In which I do a dance, eat diabetes, and talk about guilty pleasures. What are your guilty pleasures flist? And if you don't have any, why or why not?

Comment, subscribe, boom de yada.


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