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Woah, LJ is all pink! It's...weird. And not in this tingly, RIGHT way, in a way that's all wrong. Valentine's Day really is a crap holiday, all in all. So in that vein:

Pervvy Valentine Series by Laurel_tx

Moo ha ha!

Jess: Rich and German, yay!
The Boy: That's how I like my men!

But you know what makes crap holidays better? Porn! Some Cain/Riff, for [ profile] remeciel, who is always telling me how there needs to be more Godchild fic in the world, and who I would so get gay married to in Spain. :p Now you have drawing inspiration love. ;)

This is kind of fluffy. I think the Strongbow from dinner has gone to my head. Also, as I have NEVER been able to figure out the fine art of PWP, it's longer than I thought it would be. Set towards the beginning of a 'relationship'. We'll just say they've been necking in shadows prior to this. All errors are because I gave this a quick and dirty beta. Feel free to point them out. Hey, I gotta work in the morning!

Porn means NC17!! NWS

He smirked as he made a show of re-knotting the tie and then went to the mirror to straighten his hair and clothing. It was one thing for the other servants to see him looking mussed when he was covered in blood, but quite another when he had been doing nothing but give the master his morning bath. )

KL: *has been typing porn for too god damned long*
Jess: That is some long Cain/Riff porn.
KL: Isn't it? It just keeps getting longer.
Jess: ...
KL: *dies*

Dude, for about ten minutes tonight I was simultaneously watching Roman Holiday, writing porn, and wearing a face mask. I am such a girl it HURTS. I feel like my ovaries have won a battle. But I will win the war damnit!! *shakes fist*

ETA- From the other end of the spectrum of things that are nice on crappy holidays! [ profile] bone_fauna wrote the cutest Cid/Vincent Grade School Valentine's Day fic ever. And there are chibis to go with it. FFVII fandom of course, and completely PG. But you should definitely go read it, if for no other reason than to know how Jess KNOWS who I'm talking about everytime she hears me squeak 'I LOVE her!' from my computer chair.
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I'm addicted to this icon. [ profile] kellygreen is seven kinds of love for finding it.

The A theme at [ profile] anime_flash this month is 'love'. Leave it to me to turn it into an angst fest!
Not really Faye/Spike, but you know, Faye and Spike. )

I was a busy reader today! )

I feel decidedly not clever enough to write the Ouran fic I wanted to. It's like I always feel decidedly clever enough not to write James/Sirius. Which is downright silly, because the reason I love boys is that I love to write banter, and honest sillyness, and hidden feelings, and people who don't beat around the bush. People who run into the bush head on, not worried about the consequences in a fit of passion. Sometimes pantsless, sometimes with ties around their heads.

It's a disease. But at least Jess seems to be enjoying Ouran greatly, if the giggling is any indication.

I was thinking today, while reading some Mustang/Havoc doujins, about how I love to write smokers. (As a side note, one of the covers had Roy holding Jean's cigarette and Jean with Roy's glove in his mouth. Damned sexy.) Smoking can convey a lot about a person, mentally and physically, and it can add to the atmosphere. And then I started cataloguing all of the other weird ticks I like writing. So a nosy question on my part, if you please: )

OMG! I neeeeeed my Old Navy W2 so I can file my taxes because I need my refund to move in April. I wonder if I should call corporate.
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OMG I'M IN FLORIDA!!! Granted, it's not Orlando, but it's hot and disgustingly humid nonetheless. *wraps self in wet air* Am in 'Dina until tomorrow evening. Will start to RP and reply to things then. Also, will e-mail beta for your fic then [ profile] cock_a_snook. I can print it off and edit by hand, but I'm not sure I can type notes like that on the parental computer. Will have to see how much hovering is going on.

Also, Cunts (what, we're taking it back!) and Taichou. I want Colorado pictures uploaded sometime in the next century. It's all I ask. :p

And I am squeeing joyfully and frightening the boys. My [ profile] yuletide recipient liked my story (irg, I can't wait till the reveal so I can post it) and my gift giver wrote an awesome piece on Loki and his dedication to Odin and the feeling of being forgotten. You can find that here at the site. The Goal is the Thing. American Gods fandom, Loki before and during. PG.

I've spent all morning sifting through Count Cain dregs over at the Pit of Voles. I wrote a bit of GodChild last night on the plane, but since I've only read the first volume I wanted to check and make sure it wasn't something that was done to death before I posted it. I still haven't decided whether I want to post it there, or whether it's good enough for SkyeHawke, but I think I'll leave it here for now. At least until I can properly investigate the state of the fandom on LJ and all. Tell me what you think of dear Riff, yeah?

Cain, the child who stood so still in my trembling arms that I wasn’t even sure he was breathing. )

Also, I shouldn't be so surprised that I'm so smitten with GodChild. I mean, it IS Kaori Yuki, and it's got a gothic, Sherlock Holmes feel to it. There's not really anything to not like. You know, except for the fact that I'd need at least $80 to buy the rest of the series RIGHT NOW, and that doesn't even include the Count Cain prequels. I really need to figure out this whole scantalation thing.

ETA- OMG. I just read that latest chapter of Sleepwalker (Samurai Champloo, Jin-centric for those of you not in the know). And I just...guh. Rip my heart out why don't you? *sob*


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