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I ficced! I shall place it here, as is my wont! Now we feast!

Title: Colliding on a Backdrop of Blue
Fandoms: Nightwing Comics, Winter Soldier Comics, Captain America Movie
Pairings: Dick Grayson/Bucky Barnes, Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanov
Characters: Dick Grayson, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanov, Barbara Gordon
Rating: Teen
Word count: 12,596
Summary: The Winter Soldier has started to malfunction and wander off after completing his missions. His handlers chase him to Blüdhaven, where they get more of a resistance than they expected from the local vigilante.
A/N: This is for [ profile] barbed_whispers, who is evil. It's a mix of comic-verse and Captain America movie-verse. I basically just used the bits I wanted. I have no idea where you even pimp fic anymore, but tell your friends? The cut goes to A03, since it was too big to post here.

(The face that looked down at him was shadowed by stringy dark hair that framed a square chin and haunted, almost empty eyes. Around his throat was an incredibly strong arm in a cold metal glove. That would have been the glint he saw then. "Name, rank, and serial number," the man said, with a haggard voice. "Or I’ll kill you where you are.")
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Title: Not All That Is Paid For Is Free
Rating/Warnings: PG
Original Prompt: Gentlemen Bastards - Sabetha Belacoros - any: Sabetha runs a game of her own.
Summary: There is a place for everything, and everything in its place.
Notes: Written for [ profile] ladies_fest. I'm only almost a month late, but at least now [ profile] barbed_whispers will stop threatening to do things to my room. Like paint pop punk singers all over it. >.> I hope it's to your liking, dear. ♥

Sabetha, of the Painted Players. He knows her name, but he doesn’t have a use for it. And if he catches her, then likely neither will she for much longer. )
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Title: Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,200
Summary: Erik would have drowned if the choice had been his.
Author's Note: For [ profile] brilligspoons, who wanted some introspection around that first attempt to kill Shaw (Schmidt). It's mostly like the novelization of That Water Scene from Erik's point of view. (In unrelated news: aaaaaaaah, jumping into a new fandom is always nerve wracking!)

The time Erik spent in the hands of Klaus Schmidt had been almost inconsequential. Not because it didn’t mold him or mark him or leave raised and ugly scars in every dream he’d ever have, but because it had been so short compared to the seventeen years—half of his life—he would spend hunting the man down so that he could claim his revenge. )
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Title: Three Ways Owen Didn't Lose His Virginity In a Stationery Cupboard at Fifteen.
Author: [ profile] momebie
Recipient: [ profile] misswinterhill
Book: Slow Decay
Characters: Owen and a handful of OCs
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,515
Summary: Owen likes to talk big about losing his virginity at the age of fifteen, in a stationery cupboard, no less. These are three different stories he likes to tell, not a one of which is completely true.
A/N: This book is kind of ridiculous you guys. When I finished it I was still hung up on that one random aside from chapter eleven about Owen losing his virginity at fifteen in a stationery cupboard. What did that have to do with crying girls? And how do you fit two people in a cupboard with the shelves still in!? So this fic was actually [ profile] barbed_whispers' idea, but since it was better than all of my non-ideas, I stole it. Thank you to [ profile] paragraphs and [ profile] adellyna for the betas. All remaining faults are mine.
To My Recipient: Like the book, this whole thing is entirely ridiculous. And it doesn't even involve people eating each other! If you want something else please let me know and I'll work on an actual-facts fic for you that incorporates more points from the novel.

The storage room was hot and damp, and so was Owen. )
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Title: A Step Inside's A Step Too Far
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,700
Summary: That one where the team has to save Eames from an actual prison after a job goes bad and he doesn't believe that he ever left the dream.
Author's Note: Written from a bunny I stole from [ profile] philosiraptors. I hope this is okay, hon. Thanks to [ profile] brilligspoons for looking over parts of it for me, and to [ profile] tailoredshirt for reading it several times and letting me pester her with questions.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I have yet to learn to control my grabby hands. My mom would be disappointed in me.

Arthur tilted his head back and closed his eyes. 'No honor among thieves, eh?' )
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I haven't posted fic in at least a year, I'm pretty sure. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little terrified, but the Inception fandom has eaten my soul, so this is my small offering. ♥

Title: I'm Thirsty, Brother
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4,500
Summary: Arthur can't remember when he started to forget, or when his reflection in Eames' eyes startled him so.
Author's Note: A fill for this request at Inception_Kink. Thank you to my beta, [ profile] scribewraith, for looking over this and making me add to it and listening to me ramble. Any remaining faults are mine.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I just have grabby hands. Sorry about that.

Eames looks directly at Arthur and smiles wide. 'Can't we just stick an ice pick up his nose and root around in that bit in the front like they used to in the old days?' )
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The Remix has gone live! The person who remixed me chose to work from Pete and the Wandicorn, which amuses me greatly, because that was a tiny bit of crack that I thought only Em and I would appreciate. You can read the new story at Archive of Our Own: Patrick's Excellent Adventure (The Vegas Calling Remix). Once again. Glee.

Also, the person who I remixed for left a lovely comment and seemed to really like the story, so I'm happy. Certainly makes all the stressing about it worth it. I can't wait till they do the reveal and I can link you guys.

In other happiness news, I bought two pretty, pretty dresses today at Target. I've recently decided that I sometimes want to actually dress like a girl. The dresses will certainly be more flattering. I hope. I can only work with what I've got, people. AND my crap Torchwood novel finally came in! I have two weeks to read it! Aaaah!

I'm reading Quarantine by Jim Crace, and last night this paragraph hopped out and jabbed me in the ribs. I'm kind of spending a lot of mental energy these days pushing away this darkness I can feel dogging me and dealing with my own sort of Never Start or Never End. These words made me feel better, somehow. The power of fiction.

Once or twice, immersed in the reveries of light and work and wood, he had neared and glimpsed the large and inexplicable itself. To be alive amongst the sawdust and the stars was beyond understanding; to be this person, in this place, and now. Even to contemplate that puzzle was to stray too far from safer paths, to sweat and shiver in that hollow room which has no doors or walls, where Never End and Never Start hold their invisible debate. There’d be no echo there to comfort him, or anyone. No dark or light. Not even any time. And only god—if only god would show himself—to make much sense of it. Faith or dismay, that was the choice. Choose Never End or Never Start. Choose god or pandemonium. When Jesus chose and put his faith in god, he blinked away the hollow room. He brought the wood, the tools, the workshop into focus once more. His spirit softened and solidified again, as it had done when he was in his teens, except more bleakly. It formed a question to be put to god. A question taken from the hollow room. A question that a child would ask. This was his question for the wilderness. The question of a simple-hearted, fragile man—guileless in his love of god, spontaneous and vulnerable in his beliefs. You see these motes, this dust, this bread, these soundless corners hung with webs, these fingertips, engraved with tiny lines? What for, and why?
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So, [ profile] crystic is my favorite kind of crazy. She created a Sherlock Holmes Big Bang. Movie-verse, book-verse, random PBS television-verse, whatever! I know there's lots of buzz and bunnies running rampant in the flist right now, so go! Join! Tell your friends! Write epic fic! Hotson begs you! You know you want to.

[ profile] holmes_big_bang[ profile] holmes_big_bang[ profile] holmes_big_bang
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Title: Nothing and No Need
Fandom: Cowboy Bebop
Rating: R
Characters: Gren/Vicious
Word Count: 4,547
Summary: The answer doesn't lie in the memories or the madness.
A/N: Finished! Huzzah! Partially because of [ profile] liriaen and her Cesare and his ghost of Michelotto who bunnied me on the damned thing in the first place. Many, many thanks to [ profile] marilla82 and [ profile] lunalovegoddess for betas and answering of annoying questions. It will interest you in context to know that your core body temp at the time hypothermia sets in and your body ceases to function is 30°C (86°F), and that the symbol Vicious begins to carve into Gren's thigh and then presumably goes back to finish later because he's a bastard is this one.

My memories were quarantined so I set them free in this song. )
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Fandom: Murder Mysteries
Title: Temptation
Rating: PG13 for...sexless sex?
Characters: Carasel/Saraquael, Lucifer/Azazel
Summary: It's not the fall that kills you.
A/N: This is an experiment on putting two different threads of a story together, since I needed to practice that for the NNoD. It's set to Murder Mysteries because [ profile] rapunzelita is tres fantastique and introduced me to a very nice reader's theatre version of the short story. Murder Mysteries itself has always been one of my favorite short stories. Much thanks as always to [ profile] marilla82 for the beta, and to [ profile] brak4werewolves for impromptu 'wtf checking'.

How strange. Carasel was the first to love, but Lucifer was the first to shed tears. )
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Title: Empty and Clean
Fandom: Yellow
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Taki/Goh
Word Count: 1,636
Summary: Taki dislikes the rain, and the way that Goh is slowly driving him insane.
A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble. I thought I'd practice writing short things. And just like most of Goh's attempts on Taki, it was an exercise in futility. *sigh* But one of these days I too shall triumph! Inspired by the We Are Scientists song Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt.

He remembered the last woman he had been that close to and wondered what Goh would smell like compared to her. )

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I am not only amused that there's a movie for Flower's in the Attic, but also with the fact that they're playing it on Showtime Family. Because incest, is totally one of my family values. ;)

Title: The Difference in Years
Fandom: Trigun Maximum manga-verse
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Wolfwood/Vash
Word Count: 3,304
Summary: Wolfwood knows he isn't who he should be, but knowing that doesn't create the answers he's looking for. Erm...priest!angst. :p
A/N: If I touch this one more time I'm going to end up deconstructing it and making it another 20,000 words long. But I liked the idea of it spare, so I'm washing my hands of it for now. [ profile] marilla82 is the best beta ever, and read this several times. Because of this, there is backstory that will be posted soon-ish, about why Nicholas doesn't like being touched, but why it affects him like it does. Legato/Wolfwood, naturally. ;) Please feel free to tell me what works and what doesn't with any aspect of this.

The fingers of his right hand were judgment, the fingers of his left were forgiveness, and when he slept his teeth ground out the litany. )
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I have my first Disney burn of the season. Fantastic. (I really need to remember to sunscreen the tattoo.) At least I won't be there 60+ hours a week for the next three months. God bless my fake real job. But none of the tourists said anything outlandish today, so I was pretty terribly bored. That is until the last 30 minutes when I spotted young!Feliks and teen!Feliks and got lightening bolt ideas. I never thought I would be so happy to see 10,000 people in my life. But statistically, it worked out for me.

Also, I'm now living in mortal fear of mantis shrimp. GOD DAMNIT [ profile] nunshavingfun! WHAT. THE EJSC WASN'T ENOUGH!?

And Andrew Ross is a boy I used to work with, and who goes to church with Jess. I saw him perform tonight for the first time, and he was FANTASTIC. I just thought I'd get the rest of my flist to check him out to, and see if anyone stuck. :)

Title: Hide and Seek, Says the Wind
Fandom: Count Cain
Rating: PG13, probably
Pairing: Cain/Riff
Word Count: 3,452
Summary: Cain doesn't regret, but that doesn't mean he doesn't feel it.
A/N: For [ profile] remeciel, who keeps me entertained and in the proper french tense, most of the time. ;) Oh look, I wrote a Godchild fic with no porn in it. And I'm terrified really. It's kind of experimental, and very different from anything I've ever written. (Well, fic-wise anyway. I tinker with original things like this from time to time.) I tried to make it akin to the manga. Er, ANYONE feel free to let me know if something didn't work. Where is the purple pen of doom now!? But as always, I'm indebted to [ profile] marilla82, who read two much choppier versions and didn't kill me in my sleep for the ensuant twitching. :)

Cain was sure Riff hadn't misunderstood him, but he silently reached out and gripped the familiar, strong hand without a reply. Riff understood everything. )

OMG you guys. Word wanted to turn 'Nothing like you've had. into Nothing like you has had. This from the program that recognized 'otaku' and NOT 'yakuza'. *head desk*
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I wrote five whole pages of Feliks today. I feel slightly accomplished, and slightly less like putting someone through a wall.

Title: Visible Connections
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Kyouya/Kaoru
Word Count: 1,882
Summary: Hikaru has left Kaoru behind, but he can make his own way.
A/N: For [ profile] zodiacstargazer, who stumped me in the 'stump the writer meme'. She prompted Kyouya/Kaoru and a song. All I’ve listened to lately is Sparta and UVERworld, and I couldn’t quite reconcile the Sparta with Ouran this evening, so this comes loosely from a translation I found of Tobira by UVERworld. <3. I've never written this pairing before, so I really hop it works. And you know dear, I think I may set the Sirius/Tamaki on the backburner, in case I ever need some crack distraction some day. :p

Even on his own he could conquer the world, it didn’t have to be the two of them.  )
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Title: Borrowed Sett
Fandom: Harry Potter (holy shit gais)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Word Count: 986
Summary: Sirius' grand plans move onto outer wear.
A/N: Written for [ profile] marilla82, who stumped me in the Stump the Writer meme and then gave me the randomest prompt ever in 'paper towels.' She knows how long it's been since I've written HP, and she's been trying to poke me back into it for ages. Well you win damnit! You. Win. Expect Regulus soon. :(

At what point did your brain say ‘this is a sound idea, Sirius Black, you are certainly a god among men’ and give in to this madness? )
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Hmm..this song is crazily appropriate. *loves on Sparta*

Title: The Right Answer
Pairing: Tamaki/Kyouya
Rating: PG for naked Tamaki butt! :D
Word Count: 1,309
A/N: Almost as long as the fic, jesus. )

When Kyouya opened his eyes, Tamaki was no longer next to him. )
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Fandom: Yellow
Pairing: Taki/Goh
Theme Set: Epsilon
Rating: R, for sex
A/N: Written for [ profile] 1sentence and betaed by the fearless [ profile] marilla82! This fandom is so tiny, but it definitely needs more love. :)

The fag of all fags, huh. )
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Mmmm…because the cure to feeling emotionally despondent is always porn!

For that timestamp meme [ profile] remeciel asked for a follow up to this Valentine’s Cain/Riff porn. The beta was quick and dirty, like this fic. I’m sorry. Almost. ;)

Title: The Status Quo
Fandom: Count Cain
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 2,383
Pairing: Cain/Riff.

In which Cain gets his comeuppance. )

Up in 4 hours! *dies*
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*sigh* I did get some writing done at Dandelion, which was nice. Even if I did drop everything I touched. I really, really need to lay off the drugs. Heh. And damnit if typing isn't hard with one finger taped up. I think tomorrow I'll call in dead.

Because I promised I'd upload some OLP. )

And another flopsy for the [ profile] 100bleach. This one is because someone at The Pit replied to the Renji/Rikichi with 'What, no love for Byakuya?' On the contrary, Byakuya gets more love than he can stand. ;) Anything that's wrong with this I blame on my gimp finger. :p

Title: Ridiculous
Claim: 6th Division
Prompt: Hair
Rating: PG13
Characters: Byakuya/Renji

Renji’s hair stretched from one pillow to the other and Byakuya regarded it contemptuously as it tickled his nose. )

I've got [ profile] marilla82 watching FMA, and after the first five eps she's hooked! Moo ha ha!
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*inhale* I did something at work that was technically wrong of me, but then it turned out to be the right thing to do after all. I still should have brought it to someone's attention before, instead of just signing off on things that looked right. I was trying to be a big girl, but from now on I'm taking every little thing to the woman over me. She's going to be so sick of me. :p There by the grace of God go I. *exhale*

In other non-sequitar news. )

Between last night and tonight I finished Yellow, and you weren't kidding. 0.0 Unrequited love and later requited love + guns + boy!kissing = KL. Hehe. It's actually more like an adult version of the Getbackers than anything else. For being my second official yaoi series it lacks the elegance and depth of Antique Bakery, but it has it's moments where I have to laugh out loud and then, you know, there are those scenes. ;) I also really like how the mangaka uses the clues from the individual jobs to play into their relationship:

Taki: I was reading about the "Tower of Babel" just now. God's anger confounded the human language, and ever since, men can't communicate in one tongue."
Goh: Interesting, but that won't be an issue between us, right? I understand your words, and you understand my words. So long as "I Love You" is communicated, that's enough.

And....cue KL becoming a HUGE FUCKING GIRL.

I wrote some Death Note today, which I fully blame on the fact that I was listening to Alkaline Trio and reading Yellow on the way to work. (Yeah, I read at stop lights. *shifty eyes*) This was one of those weird ones that wrote itself. It came out linearly and almost complete, which is entirely different from my usual process. Do any of you other ficcers ever do that thing? Where you read over something you've written and don't remember being the one to write it? That happens to me with everything, even things with my own characters. Hmm...

Anyway, here be fic!

Fandom: Death Note
Title: An Invaluable Lesson
Rating: R for handjobs
Characters: Raito/L
Word Count: 1,841 (This totally wasn't going to be this long.)
Summary: L does things in an unconventional way.

You told me once I made you smile
But we both know damn well I didn't
I'm not much of a jester, but I'd test poisoned food for you
Your majesty, you're royal blue
I'm royalty, my king of pain

That it had happened once before was bad enough, but Raito was damned sure that it wasn't going to happen again. )


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