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Title: Nothing and No Need
Fandom: Cowboy Bebop
Rating: R
Characters: Gren/Vicious
Word Count: 4,547
Summary: The answer doesn't lie in the memories or the madness.
A/N: Finished! Huzzah! Partially because of [ profile] liriaen and her Cesare and his ghost of Michelotto who bunnied me on the damned thing in the first place. Many, many thanks to [ profile] marilla82 and [ profile] lunalovegoddess for betas and answering of annoying questions. It will interest you in context to know that your core body temp at the time hypothermia sets in and your body ceases to function is 30°C (86°F), and that the symbol Vicious begins to carve into Gren's thigh and then presumably goes back to finish later because he's a bastard is this one.

My memories were quarantined so I set them free in this song. )
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I am a mad fic-posting whore! But there is Cowboy Bebop fic afoot! Clearly, the win. :p Agh, I just remembered that I forgot to post about my weird dream from last night. Will have to remember later. Not that anyone out there particularly cares, but I want to remember it for ideas later. God my brain is weird.

Written for [ profile] 1sentence
Fandom: Cowboy Bebop
Pairing: Vicious x Gren
Theme Set: Beta
Rating: R for vague sex and some violence.
Notes: All of my love goes out to my beta, [ profile] marilla82, who fearlessly took this on, even if the idea of only one sentence a piece made her twitch. I would never get anything written if not for her and her badger poking spoon. I need to get in the kitchen and bake her a pie, seriously.

'What kind of song would you write for me,' Vicious asked, and Gren looked up from his gun startled. )
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I'm addicted to this icon. [ profile] kellygreen is seven kinds of love for finding it.

The A theme at [ profile] anime_flash this month is 'love'. Leave it to me to turn it into an angst fest!
Not really Faye/Spike, but you know, Faye and Spike. )

I was a busy reader today! )

I feel decidedly not clever enough to write the Ouran fic I wanted to. It's like I always feel decidedly clever enough not to write James/Sirius. Which is downright silly, because the reason I love boys is that I love to write banter, and honest sillyness, and hidden feelings, and people who don't beat around the bush. People who run into the bush head on, not worried about the consequences in a fit of passion. Sometimes pantsless, sometimes with ties around their heads.

It's a disease. But at least Jess seems to be enjoying Ouran greatly, if the giggling is any indication.

I was thinking today, while reading some Mustang/Havoc doujins, about how I love to write smokers. (As a side note, one of the covers had Roy holding Jean's cigarette and Jean with Roy's glove in his mouth. Damned sexy.) Smoking can convey a lot about a person, mentally and physically, and it can add to the atmosphere. And then I started cataloguing all of the other weird ticks I like writing. So a nosy question on my part, if you please: )

OMG! I neeeeeed my Old Navy W2 so I can file my taxes because I need my refund to move in April. I wonder if I should call corporate.
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KL: Maybe the gay is latent. Like, I can be a carrier, but not catch it myself. *pulls out lotion for tattoo*
Jess: Oh, I thought you had hand sanitizer, I was just gonna say, that's not gonna get it off.
KL: Oh, it's not? *pouts*
Jess: Wait, I think I read a fic like that once.
KL: With hand sanitizer? Ow.
Jess: It got them off.
The Boy: *walks into the room*
KL: I'm just thinking about rubbing alcohol on a penis.
The Boy: 0_o
KL and Jess: *die and are dead*

He really should time those things better. It would have been so much less hilarious if he walked in when Jess was eating fetuses.

Fandom: Cowboy Bebop
Title: The Starting Gun (aka Tharsis Sforzando Chapter 2)
Author/Artist: [ profile] katilara
Theme(s): #10 Messenger
Pairing/Characters: Spike Spiegel, Annie, Mao Yenrai, Vicious
Rating: PG13 for violence
Disclaimer/claimer (if needed): I do not own Cowboy Bebop, but if I did I would STILL want to have Watanabe's children.
Summary (if needed): Spike's created a new life for himself in the big city of Tharsis, but it's unweildy, and he can't always control it.
A/N: It's been more than 2 months. *hides* I've been toying with this chapter since December and it's still driving me insane. But I really like the third chapter and want to just get on with it, so I'm giving up on tinkering with this one. I've just come to terms with the fact that it's a getting there chapter. Thanks to [ profile] marilla82 for the hot chocolates at B&N and betaing. I can't do anything without her, seriously.

If you're late to the party, you can find Ch. 1 here: Vicious One

I think to cry, I’d have to be able to feel my tear ducts. )
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This is for [ profile] remeciel's birthday! Happy Late Birthday Love! I hope it went well, and that today continues to bring you happiness.

Title: Equal and Negative Orbits
Fandom: Cowboy Bebop
Rating: PG13
Words: 1,168
Characters: Spike and Julia, mentions of Vicious
Summary: She wanted 'a drabble with Spike, Julia and Vicious and their love-hate relationship,' but we all know how capable I am of drabbles. I hope this is sufficient dear. *snuggles*

Moving in slow like the smoke from your cigarette, Every step a closer's a step that we both will regret )

Now on to something involving shifty animagi! *beats back samurai bunnies*
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OMG I'M IN FLORIDA!!! Granted, it's not Orlando, but it's hot and disgustingly humid nonetheless. *wraps self in wet air* Am in 'Dina until tomorrow evening. Will start to RP and reply to things then. Also, will e-mail beta for your fic then [ profile] cock_a_snook. I can print it off and edit by hand, but I'm not sure I can type notes like that on the parental computer. Will have to see how much hovering is going on.

Also, Cunts (what, we're taking it back!) and Taichou. I want Colorado pictures uploaded sometime in the next century. It's all I ask. :p

And I am squeeing joyfully and frightening the boys. My [ profile] yuletide recipient liked my story (irg, I can't wait till the reveal so I can post it) and my gift giver wrote an awesome piece on Loki and his dedication to Odin and the feeling of being forgotten. You can find that here at the site. The Goal is the Thing. American Gods fandom, Loki before and during. PG.

I've spent all morning sifting through Count Cain dregs over at the Pit of Voles. I wrote a bit of GodChild last night on the plane, but since I've only read the first volume I wanted to check and make sure it wasn't something that was done to death before I posted it. I still haven't decided whether I want to post it there, or whether it's good enough for SkyeHawke, but I think I'll leave it here for now. At least until I can properly investigate the state of the fandom on LJ and all. Tell me what you think of dear Riff, yeah?

Cain, the child who stood so still in my trembling arms that I wasn’t even sure he was breathing. )

Also, I shouldn't be so surprised that I'm so smitten with GodChild. I mean, it IS Kaori Yuki, and it's got a gothic, Sherlock Holmes feel to it. There's not really anything to not like. You know, except for the fact that I'd need at least $80 to buy the rest of the series RIGHT NOW, and that doesn't even include the Count Cain prequels. I really need to figure out this whole scantalation thing.

ETA- OMG. I just read that latest chapter of Sleepwalker (Samurai Champloo, Jin-centric for those of you not in the know). And I just...guh. Rip my heart out why don't you? *sob*
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Saw Eragon tonight with Corbs. I've come to the conclusion that Eragon is the new, hot version of Luke Skywalker. And also reinforced the conclusion that Jeremy Irons is the awesomeness. But the really important thing is the IMMENSE amount of Murtagh love I am feeling. I NEED to know more about him. I need fic damnit! Pretty please? *bats lashes* I know some of you lot have read the book and could point me in the right direction for that sort of thing.

So I bought some manga last night to read on the plane, except that I started reading it last night, of course. One of them was Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star Vol. 1. It's new stories about the Bebop crew by a mangaka (Cain Kuga) who wasn't involved in the original manga. It is interesting to say the least. For the most part I'm inclined to think that it's bad AU, but that's because fandom has spoiled me. :p It did however introduce me to a character called Kai Lucas and his double. And what does a KL do when she's stranded for several days? She writes. God help us all. Heh.

On another note, Cain Kuga's version of Spike is tripping me out. He's still hot, yet so very not Spike. Argh.

Kai Lucas meets his double for the first time. )

I worked on the NNoD a bit as well, but I will have to type that up when I'm not hogging the only computer in a hotel with 15 floors. Hehe. Getting up early to get on a plane tomorrow. Wish me luck! I like Denver, but it's time to go home now.
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Fandom: Cowboy Bebop
Title: Vicious One
Author/Artist: [ profile] katilara
Theme(s): #9 Hide and Seek
Pairing/Characters: Vicious
Rating: PG 13 for death
Disclaimer/claimer (if needed): I do not own the pretty, angsty boys of the Cowboy Bebop-verse, or any for that matter. *sigh*
Summary (if needed): At the age of fifteen, Vicious finds himself.
A/N: This is first chapter of a slow descent into insanity for me. Also, the city of Alba Patera is named after a real world Volcanic formation just north of the Tharsis area of Mars. Tharsis being where the Red Dragon holds it's headquarters.

In Tharsis he had taken to pretending he was a ghost, already dead. )


Sep. 25th, 2006 08:18 pm
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I wrote this at work. I like it. I have no where to post it. No one cares about Cowboy Bebop anymore. Whatever, you guys might like it. Short and angsty, just the way I like 'em. Let me know if you read it, yeah?

I understood perfectly. )

In other news, the pretty, angsty boys have eaten my brain. Vash and Nicholas are fighting quietly in a corner while Spike quizzes Ed and Al on where they found such a hunk of junk, and exactly how much he can get them to let him have the scrap metal for. *sigh* Make the sickness end!!

Off to beta for [ profile] cock_a_snook!


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