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(Title nabbed from Dick's comments in Batman & Robin #1 from August 2009.)

THIS IS THE POST ABOUT JOHN BLAKE FEELINGS. I have three major tenets and a whole lot of pent up flailing. Please tread lightly, all ye who have not seen The Dark Knight Rises. Here there be spoilers. )

. . .

Well, that was more or less coherent. Lisa is going to be so disappointed this wasn't just a voice post of me making unintelligible squealing sounds, because that's what I've been saying to HER about John Blake since last Saturday. Oh, and also about how I'm thisclose to writing John Blake/Dick Grayson smut. But you know, that's just how my brain shows love for things these days.
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I had a really good weekend, thanks for asking! Boy and I climbed Stone Mountain and visited Oakland Cemetery (who retweeted me, WHY DOES A CEMETERY NEED A TWITTER ACCOUNT?), and went to the Coca~Cola Museum and SAW THE REFUSED WHO WERE FUCKING GREAT. No really, they were. Maybe now that the lovely Swedes of punk to come have visited and seen how we love them they'll let the guys from The (International) Noise Conspiracy break off and tour too. I WOULD GO SO FAR TO SEE THEM! I have a lot of pictures that I'll post if I can ever figure out how to get pictures off my phone without emailing them one at a time. Same goes for DC and Boston and New York too, so, you know. Don't hold your breath.

But! Even though I came home exhausted last night, I stayed up and made a The Dark Knight Rises fan mix instead of going right to sleep like I meant to. I just have a lot of feelings, okay? And Tom Hardy. I might just spend three hours hyperventilating. So, you know, if you're interested in that sort of thing you can click the image to DL it. Leaving this post open so you can share it if you like. I have no idea where one is supposed to post Batman fan mixes for the general public these days.

Time To Burn - A TDKR Fanmix
01. Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band - Time To Burn (Another Bag of Bones)
02. Say Anything - The Stephen Hawking
03. Head Automatica - Brooklyn is Burning
04. The Scarring Party - The Hungry Hand
05. The Editors - All Sparks
06. Dionysos - Death Song
07. The Tiger & Me - I Left The Wolves Behind That Night
08. Empires - Hell’s Heroes
09. The Faint - Posed To Death
10. The Rollings Stones - Laugh, I Nearly Died
11. LeATHERMOUTH - I Am Going To Kill The President of the United States
12. mewithoutYou - The Angel of Death Came To David’s Room

TDKR in four days! Con in fourty-four days! Guess who has two thumbs and is excited about everything!? THIS GAL!
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I just saw the most horrifying Teen Wolf gif. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, TUMBLR? WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS TO ME? Anyway, this is not about how Tumblr is apparently trying to smoke me out via Teen Wolf gifs or something, this is about BATMAN. I know, you're all surprised.

On Sunday we recorded our last Batcon episode of the podcast. Those should start going up at the end of this week. And I think I mentioned before that I wanted to write a post for the Big Girl Blog on Five Batman Movies I Want To See, so I'm here to do a little science by way of LJ Poll. What? LJ Polls are totally scientific.


This is unlocked, so share it if you like. FOR SCIENCE! In conclusion, I would like Kate Kane to be my girlfriend. The end.


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