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I did the thing! I finally archived my LJ over here five years later!

How are you all?

I'm okay.

I mean, everything is on fire and there have been protests of thousands of people happening in my city for the last several weeks and I'm terrified for everyone I know but like, you know. I still get up and shower and make it to work and hang out with my friends, sometimes while joining protests and writing letters to congress. I watch my tv shows. I do my laundry. I take deep breaths when the anxiety becomes a physical thing and sometimes I even sleep.

I write and grapple with the feeling that my writing isn't Important, but that promoting my work doesn't take away from the shit storm of information that's happening anyway. (EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE. Please buy our anthology. /o\ BUT EVERYTHING IS STILL TERRIBLE.)

So, okay.


I had been posting collages I made to LJ and I realized in moving things over that I haven't posted them for a while, so here are some things I've made over the last several months. Mostly out of anxiety when I can't make the words work.

Fantasy Reality Show 2016

She watches and she notes,
seeks out predator and prey,
knows each one of us
for what we are in a way
only the forest could.
I want to know which she
would make of me,
but I cannot ask,
I am not a thing whose voice
reaches the clouds.

Duty's Remorse 2016

Vanity Follows Form 2016 - You must claim a form before you can claim vanity. You must have something to be vain over.

They stood together on the shore and watched the moon dissolve in the sea.

What have you been making? Where is your voice? Are you drinking enough water? Take care of yourselves out there. You're important.
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